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Mac OS X Puma (10.1)

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Right guys, I've come into posession of an old Powermac G3 (Blue and White). As far as I know, its all stock still so I'm looking at a machine with about a 350mhz PPC processor, and 64mb of RAM. Now I want to try and get Mac OS X on it, as I'm pretty sure these bad boys came with Mac OS 8.


I know this machine can support Tiger/10.4 if it gets a RAM upgrade, otherwise I want to be looking as far as Puma/10.1.


Now I know you guys can't really condone piracy etc... BUT! Does anyone know where I could get a copy of 10.1? Preferably very cheap/free? I know it weighs in at around 500mb!


Cheers guys!

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There is a 3-year-old file in the green demon with 6 seeders for 627MB, but the creator thinks old machines should use 10.2 instead

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