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  1. Hi, after an update from 10.6.2 to .3, I decided to change from Voodoo kernel (needed for Dell TSCSync) to vanilla, proper install with OSX86Tools, PC wouldn't boot, so I used a DVD install to switch back to Voodoo, and... PC still wouldn't boot : http://dl.dropbox.com/u/2900500/Mobile%20P...3%2043%2026.jpg Booting with any arg (-x -s -v) don't help, I need jelp please. I have a DVD of Kalyway 10.5.2 and a Ubuntu install
  2. Well, the demon is really sloowwww right now so that's not gonna be for today...
  3. Yeah, but these guides are for a fresh install, I would like to do an upgrade of my existing system, I don't really want to reinstall all my Apps with my prefs & Mail configuration ..... etc )
  4. Well, I'm getting it from the demon right now, but it's not gonna be here till tomorrow or later... I Will test it on a 10Gb partition I have (I will do what I did to my main partition : Leopard + VoodooKernel + Custom /Extra/Extensions then install Snow Leopard) but it's gonna take some time so I don't know when I'm gonna post again, and if I will be the first to try SL on a Dell 6400. Maybe TGD is trying right now
  5. For the record, 90€ = 128$
  6. Ok, I'm using your kexts in /Extra/Extension, minus the PS2 controllers cause I installled the voodoops2 in /S/L/E My 10.5.8 is running very well (wifi+LED, sound+mute, QE/CL ... etc) with just voodooPS2 & voodoo battery in /S/L/E Do you think with this configuration it will be OK to upgrade to Snow Leopard (I don't need 64b kexts since my CPU is a Core Duo (not Core 2 Duo) but I'd like to have the latest things (Quicktime X) ?
  7. Olotiar

    Mac OS X Puma (10.1)

    There is a 3-year-old file in the green demon with 6 seeders for 627MB, but the creator thinks old machines should use 10.2 instead
  8. Ok, so I'm gonna give it a try tomoorrow, (just putting the IO80211.kext did not work) But I would like then to erase everything that is not like a retail install in s/l/e, I mean every additionnal kext from Kalyway (my hack is a kaly 5.2 comboed to 5.6 comboed to 5.8 ) I don't have any PS2 controller right now in s/l/e, I'm running VoodooPS2 since the day it was published.
  9. My inspiron does not have a bluetooth equipment. I'm gonna test IO80211.kext in a few hours (quicktime is exporting movies right now) and I'll tell you wether it worked or not. Thank you.
  10. Yeah, I downladed it but I'm not on a retail installation and everything except sleep is working for me, with differents kext than yours so I'm not gonna risk it by installing this in the /Extra Folder, why don't you just tell me the one kext that solved the wifi problem for you please
  11. After upgraing to 10.5.8 on my Inspiron 6400 with Dell 1390 wifi card, the wifi led is never on even if i'm browsing th web. This is nothing critical but I do miss it, is there any way to get it back ?
  12. Acording to a post on Macumor forum it's not "I work for Apple in London & i can confirm that build 10a432 is not the Golden Master it has just been given to select devs to test a few expert issues. 10A433 is on it's way (for server at least) and with uncomplete features like no prefs for quicktime and no default 64-bit for capable machines (i mean that not even the extensions are 64-bit by default). The installation has been polished and is being tested by the chosen devs. As i have heard there will be 1 or 2 more builds before it gets to golden master. There is still a bit of testing going on with the new bootcamp drivers but other than that it's basically there. i hope this corrects a few things, i'm not sure how pretty much the entire internet has got this wrong but none the less mistakes happen."
  13. Olotiar

    Updated from 10.5.3 to 10.5.8

    Note for the future : Never install through software update, allways downlad the combo & execute netkas instructions
  14. Olotiar

    10.5.8 USB Problems

    Wich kernel are you using ? If you're using voodoo, makes sure that the system.kext version matches the kernel version (ie 9.5)
  15. Olotiar

    10.5.8 Update issues [works on S10e]

    I have a GMA950 on my Dell Inspiron 6400. I did the update this afternoon, and got it working using the stock 10.5.8 GMA950.kext and the old AppleIntegratedFrameBuffer.kext from tiger