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ASUS P6T Workstation Pro - SAS Controller

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Hey everyone!


Not done any OS X 86 stuff in a longgg time.


I've got a new rig (have done for a little while now) and I'm currently running XP on it, waiting for Windows 7.


ASUS P6T Workstation Pro

Intel Core i7 920 @ 3.4GHz

OCZ 6GB DDR3-1333MHz CL7

NVIDIA GeForce 8800GTS 640MB (I know, its long in the tooth, replacement soon)

2 x Seagate 75GB Cheetah 15.5K RPM


My motherboard, the ASUS P6T Workstation Pro has a Marvell 88SE6320 SAS controller with 2 SAS ports on it. I'm currently using 2 x 75GB Seagate Cheetahs in Raid 0 for XP.


Now before anyone blasts me for using such a rig, I have a good reason!


I'm not a very patient person when it comes to computers. I photograph with a Canon 5DmkII and the RAW files are often around the 40MB mark, 16Bit TIFFs are 140MB or so. This means trying to load files into ram, sometimes takes a couple seconds, rather than instantly. I like instantly. So I got my hands on these SAS drives from a good friend of mine *cough* they were being repaced by newer drivers (i think they are 2007/08 drives...) so he gave them a better home :)


Anyway, I'm gonna split the raid off since I don't think the performance advantage is that big and I'm gonna use one as the OS Drive, one as a scratch disk and a 2 x 500GB 7,200rpm Raid 0 + 1TB 7,200rpm backup for photo storage/archiving.


But before I do all that I want to give OS X again, I'm considering just waiting for snow leapord. but If i can do it now then might as well. I wanted to know IF It'd be possible to install OS X onto a SAS drive (not raid)? For XP and Vista I needed to have drivers, but for XP I just made a slipstream disk. for OS X though I've no clue how you'd go about installing on an unsupported controller...


So - in short - Can I install OS X on a drive on the Marvell 88SE6320 SAS controller?

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I have looked around and I have not found any dd_nVidia. I have a P6T7 board which has similar specs. Now the thing is this, I have seen many of the P6T76 popping up as hackintoshes, especially one built by aquamac, i believe and its a monster of a machine! so many they are working of these or have some working already!

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As Caenis said I have P6T7 board. I have not got SAS going yet, but I am sure someone will get it going at some stage. If I do or anyone else does I will post about it. I am using Snow Leopard and have modified AppleAHCIport.kext to get The external Marvell ports going (3 showing for some reason but work fine) and Netkas has modified the IDE (Compatible) ports, both kexts are below, but are 64 bit Snow only, not Leopard. You can probably modify the Leopard kexts by copy and pasting the relevant parts of the info.plist to the Leopard ones. This board also works with ICH10 but only port 1 seems to work at the proper speed so at the moment I have set the bios to IDE (compatible) and using the Snow kexts below.


Here is my System Profiler:




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aqua-mac, are your SATA devices set as AHCI working on Snow Leopard? I'm having the typical problem still waiting for root device / BSD root mayor minor... and the HD's spin down :wacko:

Thanks in advance

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