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  1. ESI Maya 44 audio/sound driver

    are these the pci or pci express cards?
  2. smiley2billion, just copy the itunes folder in your music folder and transfer it, always worked for me, just make sure you change the location (ie. if it resides in STORAGE disc, don't move it to MEDIA disc.) And I too am waiting for a snow leopard forum...
  3. ASUS P6T7 running 10.5.7

    ok mohammadkoush, I will do one final install tonight and give you a zip file with the files to see how the installation goes for you. couple of things, what video card, types of hdd and cd/dvd drives and your order of disk from bios. I can get that i can send you the files with instructions so we avoid you getting installations problems.
  4. ASUS P6T7 running 10.5.7

    Quick note, with the AppleVIAATA kext (select sata only) on this page http://my.ukrweb.info/en/node/73 made the Marvell SATA 88SE6121 Esata ports working. Working with 10.5.8! I got this site from podarok in these forums so thanks go out to him! Now I need to tackle the Marvell 88SE6320 SAS Drivers... damn...
  5. I have looked around and I have not found any dd_nVidia. I have a P6T7 board which has similar specs. Now the thing is this, I have seen many of the P6T76 popping up as hackintoshes, especially one built by aquamac, i believe and its a monster of a machine! so many they are working of these or have some working already!
  6. ASUS P6T7 running 10.5.7

    Now 10.5.8, update went fine, just one reboot and it started right up.
  7. Checking to see if I'll have any luck with OSX86

    check out my board http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php...c=173819&st similar to yours
  8. ASUS P6T7 running 10.5.7

    Here are some pics, you can see my geekbench score, the operating system as well as time machine backing up and how i can change the background pic of each monitor. FYI, I am running 2 3870s Xfired (obviously not in mac) and they are both connected DVI from the first vid card. First pic is a (bad) image of my setup Left screen Right screen Again, I dont know how many have this motherboard, but maybe we could iron out a good guide and have a pretty good running hackintosh! Caenis
  9. ASUS P6T7 running 10.5.7

    Just to update chipset - Intel X58 ICH10R WORKING CORRECTLY W/ 10.5.7 memory - 12GB ddr3 ALL WORKING (recognized correctly with smbios.plist) HDD - 3 SATA WORKING DVD - 2 SATA WORKING storage - Marvell 88SE6121 WORKING 9/7/09 Marvell 88SE6320 CAN'T FIND KEXT lan - 2 x Realtek 8111C WORKING OOB sound - ADI 2000B WORKING WITH KEXTS firewire - VIA VT6315N WORKING OOB
  10. Help Please

    hi ya doing? i actually have the same motherboard as you and have had retail working with the efi parition and i have been trying to write a walkthrough but since some problems i havent figured out. maybe we could help and test each others work? ps. i am tried to install retail before kalyway and iaktos because this is the sure way to aviod problems and have a total vanilla install
  11. leopard on asus p6t deluxe v2

    guys, i dont know if this is the same error, but on a retail installation it hangs on the first screen of installation as well. I have a p6t7, but the chipsets, sound and even the marvell satas are the same. i also tried the ideneb 10.3 and i cant boot from disc even with cpus=1
  12. Ok guys, for you out there that have an ASUS P6T7 motherboard, I got it running 10.5.7 off of the boot 132 on two separate occasions. (The reason is I am stilling restalling for testing purposes). I would like to know if anyone out there has the same mobo to help test with me. Also, many problems I had I finally narrowed it down to certain things. First off, I could only boot off the 10.5.0 retail disc (no 10.5.4 or 10.5.6) and I could not update everything with the 10.5.7 combo update, I had to update with the 10.5.6 combo and then 10.5.7. Also, the Gforce kexts crash on 10.5.0 (so you need to boot -x uptil 10.5.6). Lastly, I seem to have problems with chameleon 2R2 and have since then downgraded to 2R1. But it works pretty good with 12GB and all cores on the i7. In fact, I even had my memory running at 1800 (this install it seems to kp though ) My average geekbench was around 9500 so i think most things are working ok. chipset - Intel X58 + ICH10R memory - 12GB ddr3 HDD - 3 SATA drives - 2 SATA storage - Marvell 88SE6121 Marvell 88SE6320 lan - 2 x Realtek 8111C sound - ADI 2000B firewire - VIA VT6315N
  13. ESI Juli@ / Envy 24 with OSX86 - Any progress?

    well if you need testers for the revo 5.1, i'm in audiodriverwriter!! thanx for your hard work
  14. I know that there are a few topics that clearly state that this sound card will not work on hackintosh because of pci-x compability but i was thinking otherwise. I mean, as a jan. '09 m-audio released 5.1 and 7.1 10.5.6 drivers for this card. Also, in the manual it clearly states that these cards "have been designed to be PCI 2.2 compliant with support for both 3.3 volt and 5 volt signaling environments. This guarantees compatibility with PCI-X, 64-bit and standard 32-bit PCI-based systems, including the Apple G5." Now the slot it uses on windows is obviously PCI (not PCI-X) and in the requirements for macs it asks for "an available PCI slot." Again, i think if there is a way to modify the driver to recognize the PCI slot somehow we have somewhere to start. I don't know where to start but would encourage people that do to give us a hand or lead us in the right direction Here is the most current drivers for 10.5.6 as of January 26 http://www.m-audio.com/index.php?do=suppor...=989&dl=yes Thanks for everyone's help!
  15. I want to have apple updates! HELP!

    the kalyway disc works on the c500 series, i install with speedstep kernel, the intel gma 950 video driver, battery kext and the lastsmbios and installs fine, can't seem to install all the way to 10.5.6, only 10.5.5