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Howto: G31-M7 TE

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BIOSTAR G31-M7 TE Mac OS X 10.5.6 How to



Hello everyone i would like to contribute something to hackintosh community. I saw few forum posts about this cheap BIOSTAR board which i use, this board is used worldwide

and i must say its very compatible board, you cant use it for RETAIL installation but it works very well after patches. This step by step “quest” can be used on more boards but for this one specific.


I found many solutions for my hackintosh on this board so i want to share some of my “knowlege” for this mobo, i would like to install 10.4 Tiger to my PC but i dont know how to do it :( if anyone can help me.. please msg me.. dont know any 10.4 OSX with EFI.



Before we do anything we must gather few things:


We need some time

We need iPC Mac OS X Universal (don”t know real full name)




Since i tryed to install Mac OS X 10.5.6 on this board many times i know exact combinations and fixes to get it work so we must DISABLE 2 things in BIOS before we start. If we do not disable them we wont be able to boot Mac OS X.


So i wont provide any pictures you guys will have to find them so:


1.Disable EHCI (set it to “disabled” its right down under USB Legacy support)

2.Disable Speedstep its under CPU settings.


Now save and exit bios, you are ready to go.



Now you can put your iPC Mac OS X in your DVD drive and before setup press F8

and type:


cpus=1 -v


-Now we are booting.. it takes same time boot but it will..

After you enter setup i suppose most of people here know how to use disk utility so start that application from menu and (know its up to you - i have 250 GB hard drive and i format it in 2 Mac Os Journaled partitions) format your hard drive to Mac OS Journaled.


-Now select 1 of them for installation and move to next screen.

-Now do not click INSTALL yet but click customise to add some fixes and drivers and choose:


VIDEO: nvinject or nvdarwin with amount of memory your graphics card have (just one of them)

SOUND: under submenu OTHER choose Azalia audio (it works)

CHIPSET: You need ICH 7 fix so choose that one (i think its 1st on menu selection sorry i dont know full name im writing this manual from my head without any preparation)

KERNEL (if you have Intel processor DONT choose anything becouse you will go with default Vanilla kernel if you are AMD user GOOD LUCK!! with Voodoo you may have issues later with DSDT)

ETHERNET (Dont choose anything you need RTL8168B and RTL8101E driver for MacOS on intel-based MAC you can download that from Realtek website and install later with OSXtools or Kext Helper)

Now most important: FIXES submenu: choose ACPI Fix (because without that you will have problem with Using 10485 buffers... ) also there is Time Machine Legacy FIX if its not under FIXES submenu find it you need it checked also.

Applications submenu: you need: EFI Studio, OSX Tools, DSDT patcher GUI ...


THATS IT! Thats all you need to select

Now you can go and click INSTALL... (skip DVD check its useless) after 20-30 minutes of installation you are about to restart, you click restart remove your DVD drive and before you BOOT your Mac os X from hard drive for the first time press F8 on your Chameleon bootloader and again type:


cpus=1 -v


3rd STEP (1st BOOT After installation)


Then press enter and boot it should work .. you see nice Welcome Movie with sound (quality of movie depends if you have selected right Video injector and it should work fine)


By now you should see Finder, Dock and all... go to Applications and find tool named DSDT patcher GUI


Run that App (small window apper) from the left side check radio button Mac OS X

and from the right side choose to apply to your Mac hard drive and confirm that, you should recieve on screen something like Success ... 71 fixes.... applied..


Now you can restart your mac and you will have both CPU cores working.





-You can fix your About this mac with OSXTOOLS

-If you have blue screen with screen resolution changing its possible that if your monitor

cable uses VGA connector get yourself DVI-VGA switch it will do.

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First of all thanks so much for this howto. I have this motherboard and your instructions helped me get started straight away.


I have three of specific questions about this mobo and OSX86.


1. I discovered by trial and error that you cannot indeed boot into OS X with either of those particular BIOS options enabled. Do you think not having Speedstep improves or reduces the performance of OS X? Will it cause my CPU to deteriorate?

2.What about that USB BIOS EHIC Hand-off? Is it necessary? I have Googled all this and not come up with definitive answers by the way.

3. Front panel audio doesn't work. I've seen references to this on various wiki pages. Why can't I plug in my headphones on the front panel and get sound? Realtek drivers in XP would have an option to use both or switch the one off when unplugging the other.


Another thing related to my specific gfx card that I should perhaps post elsewhere rather than here. I have an NVidia Geforce 6200 LE with Turbocache. I don't seem to have a pointer shadow which tells me I've loaded the wrong .kext in KextHelper. The card has 64MB of RAM but has TurboCache for utilising some system RAM to make it 256. How can I make OS X give the card some system RAM?


On a sad note I don't think OS X performs as well as XP on this mobo which is a shame because I love OS X. Not Apple's fault -- for instance, I chose to buy a USB webcam with no official driver, which works perfectly under XP but terribly using Macam.

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Hi im going to share a tip with for this mainboard:


Audio: use VoodooHDA (Get it...!!!!)


You get front Headphone Mic


Back Line IN, Mic, Audio Out


Im Using this in a Pentium D 945 OC´d to 3.74GHz


2GB DDR2 RAM at 880MHz


Biostar G31 m7 TE BIOS ver 310 with DSDT Patch


And Apple 7300GT 256MB PCIe


iDeneb 10.5.6 + iDeneb 10.5.7 + Other Updates


And to make install faster make a Boot132 CD (Munky Guide) you can put DSDT and Kext and the will Fly....!!!!!!!!!

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Your guide is awesome. It is one of the best step by steps I have worked with. I have 3 of these machines built now using your guide so thanks. Micro Center sells this board currently for 39 dollars and they are local so its pretty awesome.


I was able to get my 9500 GT 512MB PCI Express card to work by just using osx86 tools and adding an EFI string for what its worth ( my HTPC is currently running that card).


Have you tried to update to 10.5.8 ? If so, how does that work ? How about Snow Leopard. I am scared to death of updating software on either of these installs. I have my machine, my mothers and my htpc all running this board. I figure it makes updating everyones computer easy if we all have the same hardware. I figure that if I am going to be the one always being the family goto guy for computer stuff it might as well be on my terms haha


Thanks again for a great guide.

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I have updated to 10.5.8 and have had no problems at all.


I will try a vanilla install of snow leopard at some point and report back on it

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I have updated to 10.5.8 and have had no problems at all.


I will try a vanilla install of snow leopard at some point and report back on it


Any news on Snow leopard instalation?



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You got a G31-M7 and you have upgraded to 10.5.8? I've tryed once but i cannot no longer boot after the update. How you updated? Wich bootloader you use?


Have you tryed Snow Leopard? Could you install/boot it?

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I have an G31 M7-TE but I was stuck on 10.5.2 (I could upgrade only ~10.5.5) but any other version (10.5.6+/10.6.x, these versions that need DSDT patching) simply doesn't worked by any means.


For these versions needing the DSDT patch, even placing the file DSDT.aml in the correct path (/ or /Extra) was the same as nothing :)


So I had the brilliant idea of applying the DSDT patch direct on the chip (I mean, write the patched DSDT directly on the BIOS) and surprisingly after this I could run any version of OS X Vanilla whatever are my BIOS settings, and I also don't need the DSDT.aml file anymore.


At first I was affraid because the BIOS flasher continuously refused to write it to the chip complaining about invalid boot block. Then I used other tool to extract the original boot block and replaced the patched broken boot block with the original one and then the BIOS flasher worked and now I have a correct DSDT (for OS X) that also works on Windows 7.


I want to know if I can share this patched bios file here so other people can apply the patch and flash it directly on their BIOS chip. I don't know if sharing this file is a forum rules violation, specially because my BIOS has another patch (SLICv2) so I can run Windows 7 without any cracks and it thinks it is original.

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OK, here I attached the patched BIOS ROM file.


Attachment removed


NOTE: This motherboard has (on the current date, today) 9 different revisions (6.0~6.8) - mine is 6.3 - even tho all the BIOS'es downloads listed on the site are apparently the same, I thought I should warn about this. Try it at your own risk.


Links: Specs page | BIOS'es page | BIOS flasher utility (direct link, the same on the BIOS'es page)


The BIOS flasher works on Windows (I flashed mine through Windows, I don't feel like going to DOS to flash my BIOS :( )


Hope this helps other ppl.

Edited by Gringo Vermelho
Please post one with no SLIC mod, thank you.

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