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OS X + Windows 7 + GPT + Chameleon 2 = Finally Works

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  • 4 months later...

After installing Windows 7, Chameleon disappeared and only Windows 7 is booting.


Cause of the problem:

Windows 7 installer deletes Chameleon's boot0 from the MBR and sets the windows Partition active.

Old Chameleon installers (using os x fdisk) erases the NT disk signature from the MBR breaking windows bootloader.


EDIT: I have made a Windows friendly installer for RC5 that makes this much easier. Just boot OS X using boot cd, reinstall Chameleon using new installer, restart and you should have Windows and OS X dual-booting. Easy as that.




If you insist on doing it manually, read below.




1- Start OS X with boot CD/USB

2- In terminal:


fdisk -e /dev/rdiskX (X = HD number, usually 0)

flag Y (Y = the OS X partition number, usually 2 - one being the EFI partition)




3- Install Chameleon 2 using installer.

4- Now chameleon should start and boot OS X without the boot CD. Windows won't boot.

5- In OS X terminal:


fdisk -e /dev/rdiskX

flag Z (Z = windows partition number, should NOT exceed 4)




6- Boot Windows DVD, and repair the bootloader.

7- Reboot, and you'll boot into Windows automatically, again.

8- Use diskpart to make OS X partition active. run>cmd



select disk 0

select partition 2



9- Reboot. Now Chameleon should start and switching Windows and OS X should work


how to make that having lion in same hd , chamaleon booting snow lion w7



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