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Aperture's future in doubt?


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ThinkSecret is reporting that Apple have dismissed or reassigned many of the engineers which formed its Aperture team.


Despite a sizeable marketing campaign, and plenty of hype, Aperture was released last November to mixed reviews. Respected tech site Ars Technica concluded "At this stage Aperture is a big, expensive misfire and considering the hefty price tag, I can't think of a reason to recommend it."


Apple recently released v1.1 of Aperture, which addressed many of the more glaring flaws of 1.0, and also dropped the price tag from $499 to $299, and offered existing users a $200 Apple Store coupon - some say a concession to the poor quality of 1.0


If Think Secret's sources are to be beleived, the image processing engine was taken away from the Aperture team some time ago, and handed to the Shake and Motion teams to salvage 'as best they can'. This work is alleged to be the foundation of the 1.1 release.


What do you think? Is Aperture worth saving? Should a new engineering team be formed for 2.0, or should the thing just go the way of the cube - an expensive, pretty flop.

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