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  1. autoy

    hpet/nx free 10.4.8 kernel hack

    First of all, congrats semthex, keep up the hard work Second, how do you manage sse3 calls in see2 procs in your kernel? Just curious... Cheers.
  2. I found a great article about binary encryption from Mac OS X Internals. Go read it, this is for the advanced osx86ers or the ones that want some insights at what's going on: http://www.osxbook.com/book/bonus/chapter7/binaryprotection/ cheers
  3. autoy

    iTunes 7 - Official Problem Thread

    I think this is it, I'm finally getting a MBP as soon as the new models come out. My SSE2 machine won't cut it anymore, OSX86 has been a headache lately and this just tops it. Mark my words, this won't be the last app Apple will compile for SSE3 only.
  4. autoy

    Callisto Technical Discussion

    Will do in a couple of hours and report back.
  5. I also have callisto and x700 mobility working together. It's two different steps, as callisto does not provide acceleration, Atiradeon9700.kext provides it. In orther to have them both just do the following: 1- Patch your ATIRadeon9700.kext to enable QE and CI. You can do this using Koverg's patch or manually editing the kext as described in the x700 thread. 2- Install callisto to obtain full list of resolutions and refresh rates supported. Once you get it going QE and CI will stop working, which will be fixed next. 3- Link both kexts editing ATIRadeon9700GA.plugin as described in Callisto FAQ: http://omni.starchaser.org/?faq You're done. Still, there are quite a lot of graphic distortions in my setup using callisto 006 release, due to bad monitor detection or some unknown issue at this point.
  6. autoy


    I use Filemaker both in Windows and Mac. For the mac it's still PPC, so it runs in Rosetta and you will get a performance hit there. However it runs fairly well, comparable to something like Office 2004 under Rosseta, so it's ok for basic and most common usages. All in all, if you compare right now performance in both win and mac platforms, windows wins. But that's not to say it's unusable in macs. Filemaker unibin should not be very far away either.
  7. Freesound bundle is a collection of unusual FX plugins. They're unibins now, and free (as in beer) go get them! http://www.soundhack.com/freeware.php cheers.
  8. autoy

    bad news

    But audionews is alive and kicking
  9. autoy

    root:wheel permissions

    Open a terminal and type: sudo chmod -R 755 (drag and drop your kext file in the terminal so the route shows here) sudo chown -R root:wheel (drag and drop your kext file in the terminal so the route shows here) sudo rm (drag and drop both extensions.mekext and extensions.kextcache from system/library folder to here) sudo reboot cheers
  10. autoy

    Logic express 7.2.1 update avaible

    Yay! I'll give it a go when I get home
  11. autoy

    No sleep on close with Macbook?

    Sleeplees is a frontend that uses insomnia kext. You can place it in the menubar and enable and disable sleep on lid close whenever you want. http://www.macupdate.com/info.php/id/10564
  12. I have noiticed a problem afte a while of usage. It keeps asking for admin password from time to time while the app is active.
  13. autoy


    Working fien in my Centrino 750
  14. Works great here, nice work! Throttling works real good. It would be nice if you could install an icon on the menubar and autoload it so you can manage settings from a dropdown menu. Also, I've noticedit asks for admin pass each time you start it and it doesn't remember the settings last time were used (guess it doesn't write a plist). Thanks a lot for your efforts!!
  15. autoy

    borisbadenov ATI X1000-series Solution

    I have just gave it a go with x700 mobile and it's no go. I get a grey screen with 2 black stripes and then hangs. I guess current ATINDRV is for x1xxx cards.