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Running Prince of Persia 2008 on 10.5.5 & below


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So the new Prince of Persia (2008/2009 Version) runs only on 10.5.6.


If you are like me who has a hackintosh that spews out problems when you upgrade to 10.5.6 ( or are simply too lazy), you'll get an error message when you start POP: This game will not run on your System version.. (or something like that)

Since modifying the .plist in the game (LSMinimumSystemVersion) doesn't help, i tried this:

Modifying the System build of your hackintosh (SystemVersion.plist)

The Game starts now, but all i got was a black screen with Sound.

Bummer again.

Modifying the config file of the POP Cider build was a flop, too. (hurray for repeated System lockups.)



Ripping out the Main game (data files & exes) from the Game and throwing it into an older Cider Build (2097, my fav), the Game starts and is playable. _BUT_ with some Graphic glitches and heavy lags.

My mac mini (10.5.6) can start the original Game, but the menus is all this machine can display before the Game crashes.


Why the heck does this Wrapper (2178) need 10.5.6? Did Apple change some internal Graphics-APIs?

Some ideas?

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a 9800GTX (nVidia) for this system

just my luck...


thanks, apple for updating the drivers on 10.5.6... :)


but, this is still unconfirmed.

anyone with 10.5.5 and below trying to run POP on a nVidia or AMD card?


if you try the SystemVersion trick, go here:


and put in 10.5.6

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Wait would simply changing your version number in the SystemVersion.plist actually register with Software Update and any software you install so you can get everything BUT the 10.5.6 update on your Hac?

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Wow thats freakin AWESOME! I just edited the SystemVersion.plist to 10.5.6 and got all the right updates pushed!! Sweet action!! Such a simple fix why didnt i think of it befoore!


Would installing the Security Update 2009-001 break my install?

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