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PC-Mac networkin'

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i have no problem sharing the internet conecction, but when i try to share files and printer (in the mac) i just cant


i have a mactel with builtin airport and the pc has a belkin wifi 802.11g


both are set to share files,, and mac is set to share windows


but i still cant see mac on the pc either see pc on the finder...


anyone can help me??



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I have a Mac & a PC, both are connected directly with an Ethernet cable. But I can only access the Mac from the PC and not vice versa. When I try to connect to the PC on my Mac it always says wrong username or password but that's exactly the username & password I use to log on to my PC! Everything is ok on the PC, I can delete, move files on the Mac using the PC.


Does anyone know how to fix the problem?

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