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30secs to Shutdown

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so let me ask the question another way....


1. Approx, How long does your boot take???


2. Approx, How long does shut down take???


Takes both my machines under 20 seconds to boot about 10 seconds if that to shutdown. To get a better response to your question(s) you may want to consider putting in details like how you installed/what distro was used, what steps you have taken to try and solve the problem, full list of all hardware in the machine/OS's running on it, how the drives are partitioned ... Things like this allows people to get a better idea of what is going on we are not mind readers after all, looking at the limited specs you have I will go with the ide drives taking the extra time. One thing you can try is at boot hitting the F8 key to get to the Darwin boot loader then using the hit any key option to get too the command line where you can type in then hit the ENTER key -v to get a text boot where you can see what is being loaded and how much time they are taking loading.

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