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  1. I'm looking for a graphics that has these properties: Works with 10.6.8 Nvidia GDDR5 ram fully working* *I have a GT440 that I have working but only on one output i.e. no HDMI or second monitor Could anyone make a recommendation? If you know of the method used to get your recommended card to work too that would be much appreciated Many thanks Shaven
  2. Hey all, I've gone and bought an Asus GT440 card and it's in the hackintosh Now, how do I get it working to its proper capacity? i.e. All resolutions available, properly working etc?? I built my hack a couple of years ago now and I'm a little rusty and out of touch I'm currently using Chameleon on a separete boot drive which at th time supported a lot of GFXs card, but probably not this one - who knows? Running 10.6.7 SL
  3. Backup/duplicate solution?

    Well guys, thanks Indeed SuperDuper did work! Which is great because I can use the 'Smart backup' which takes a fraction of the time as a full backup Although I've found apps like Chrome and Transmission are firing up a 'Application wants to connect to the internet' dialog box as if being used for the first time. Not if that would happen with CCC as I believe SuperD doesn't copy cache files etc (whatever 'etc' is!) The Boot CD sounds like it would be good practice to have around anyway
  4. Backup/duplicate solution?

    How does one backup their Snow Leopard install? CarbonCopyCloner? SuperDuper seems thwarted with difficulties, having tried it once or twice in the past, but perhaps I'm missing something? Am I right in thinking that, as I'm using a seperate partition for Chameleon (which I also plan to duplicate as it's on the same dard drive!), I need to re-install chameleon to that drive too? Thanks for your thoughts on this Fuzzy
  5. Hey Guys, Sleep is being very temperamental - sometimes working, more often not Thought that perhaps some of you clever bods might have a clue as to what is going on here...? After much monkeying with different DSDT's I found one that allowed me to sleep the computer - only it stopped working! Then it started working again... and now of course it's stopped once more I can't work out what conditions are needed for it to work, but it once or twice it started working after a repair permissions - sadly I can't replicated that again Could it be a permissions problem? To be clear, the computer attempts a sleep every time, but successful sleeps can only be counted if it can wake up again. On an unsuccessful sleep, my external firewire soundcard does not switch off and a hard reboot is needed I use the 10.6.4 sleepenabler kext and NullCPUPowerManagement.kext if that makes any difference Anyone?
  6. 10.6.3 Released !

    Can someone tell me if it is necessary to remove SleepEnabler.kext if the kext is on a separate partition? i.e. I have a boot partition with chameleon and extra/extensions folder together with my DSDT etc IF I do need to remove the kext in this situation, should I remove AND reboot BEFORE updating? Or is removal enough WITHOUT the reboot? Cheers
  7. DSDT fixes for Gigabyte boards

    iSoprano - just wanted to thank you for the dsdt.aml files you posted. Your pre-GFX card DSDT is working a dream for me. Sleep has been a major issue for me, but this has sorted it. Can't tell you how happy I am - many many thanks!!!! If I wanted to improve further to tailor to my specific board (P35C-DS3R) is there anything you would recommend? I don't use the onboard sound and have a core 2 duo cpu (as in sig) Once again.... Thank you
  8. @Enzo - Good luck to ya mate, I really hate random {censored} like that Thanks for the advice guys. Before I tackle the dark world of DSDT editing I like to mention this... Sleep stops working for me past version 10.5.8 (inclusive) - My current install of 10.5.7 sleep works just fine Does this give any clues as to what might be causing my problems? Thanks again
  9. Ah, OK. This is promising However... I've tried: Removing mouse Removing PCI firewire card Removing USB hub and other devices Changing the physical USB port for my apple keyboard Still can't get sleep to work
  10. Thanks - that all worked. Snow is installed! But as the great Columbo used to say... "Just one more thing..." I can't get sleep working. I've tried a few installs of SL now and sleep is the one thing I just can't get working Can you offer any advice? What are the common causes for sleep not working? Thanks once again - absolute top notch guide
  11. Guys... 2 Questions: 1. A USB install doesn't necessarily have to be on a USB stick right? I could for instance, use a partition on another hard drive instead? This is something I have already done and I know it works, but I could NOT get sleep working! I'm just trying to iron out every kink in the process so I know that I've done everything I can 2. Part 3 of this guide: Installing Chameleon. Where do I do this from? An existing install or from the Snow Leopard Installer? Cheers
  12. Sleep Problem - What's the difference?

    Bump - talking to myself
  13. Sleep Problem - What's the difference?

    Updated BIOS - no effect - sleep still not working Would/Could using a different bootloader help at all?
  14. Sleep Problem - What's the difference?

    Really? No one? I can't be the only shmoe to have had this issue can I?
  15. I've tried so many things to get sleep working. Other people with the same mobo as me have sleep working in snow leo, but NOT ME!! Ahhh... diddums.... I know. If you can help at all...? You know I'd love you long time So, why would my system be able to sleep in 10.5.7 (and prior versions), but NOT 10.5.8 and 10.6.x? What is the fundamental difference between these versions? Specs in sig What happens when I put hack to sleep in 10.5.7: Goes to sleep Rewakes on power button What happens when I put hack to sleep in 10.5.8 & 10.6.0 & .6.2: Hard drives spin down External soundcard (firewire) turns off Fans still spinning - I can hear it's not properly asleep Mouse arrow disappears - without GFX string (i.e. with no gfx drivers) Monitor goes to standby - with GFX string (i.e. with gfx drivers) Power button does nothing Mouse 're-wakes' hack - without GFX string (i.e. with no gfx drivers) Hard restart with the power required - with GFX string (i.e. with gfx drivers) Things I've tried that don't work: Various DSTD.aml files from people with the same and similar boards SleepEnable.kext (with and without) Checked ALL boxes in energy saver - of course With and without GFX support (i.e. took out string from com.apple.boot.plist) Played with Kext location - S/L/E and E/E Made mkext file - I don't fully understand this tbh though Turned of Legacy USB in BIOS With/without SMBIOS.plist (What's the significance of this?) Patting head and rubbing tummy Doing the whole thing in the buff Nothing is working My Current Layout... Could my bios version have anything to do with it? I think it's currently F10 (make sense?) Are there any kexts (or anything) that I should remove? I use Chameleon RC4 - could that have anything to do with it? Really appreciate any help with this