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  1. Hi all VMWare (2.0.0-116369) was running fine until I upgraded to 10.5.8, I'm runningVoodoo; Release 1.0 :xnu-1228.7.58/BUILD/obj/RELEASE_I386 i386. I've tried uninstalling VMWare and re-installing but it still panic's Any help would be greatly appreciated
  2. Kernel Panic Not Sure why?

    http://code.google.com/p/xnu-dev/ Tis easier if you google for "Voodoo Kernel"
  3. Kernel Panic Not Sure why?

    I'd be inclined to send that grab to the lads at Voodoo, they'd be best placed to help you.
  4. Using the Apple Extreme N card on a desktop (cheap!)

    I stumbled across that little beauty the other day, sadly it looks like they don't ship outside of the US from what I could see
  5. Fake info about Mac Mini?

    I think he was angling to make you spend more TBH My hack 2.4 core duo with 4gb ram and nVidia 8200gt is blissfully happy with aperture, I seem to remember it even ran on my old 2.4 single core with 1gb ram. But then again you where in Manc FFS!
  6. Cannot Install Printer(s)

    Is the rpinter showing in system profiler in the USB tab ?, might be showing as something obscure like "USB MFP" if it's an all in one. If not, is your USB working correctly ? If it's showing in USB then try this for a driver Gutenprint for Mac OS X ?
  7. Grab yourself Carbon Copy Cloner it will back up the entire drive for you
  8. Bit of a long winded way for doing it.... try installing onto an external usb, once you're up and running, clone it then install chameleon and then fdisk it This is assuming you can get into the bios to enable boot off a USB device
  9. 3 Graphics Cards Fully Working at the Same Time

    That's had me thinking as well, got an old P4 box with AGP and PCI, might get a dirt cheap FX5200 of fleabay and drag it out of the loft
  10. Bluetooth Dongle Help

    Aldi's chavtastic tevion one works a treat as well
  11. Finally, a way to avoid the Apple EULA and still install OSx86!

    Knowing our cat it would probably p!ss over the keyboard, scratch my eyes out and then run off
  12. Show Your OS X Desktop!

    Mine for the time being, until I get bored with her
  13. Virgin Media Throttling

    Yeah...go on...rub it in even more, moved away from blighty 4 years ago when it was still Telewest, all I get here in Eire is a poxy 1meg link, and that's costing me €40 a month....with a 15gb quota !!! Although at least the pubs don't close till 2am in my neck of the woods :censored2:
  14. Installing Graphics driver

    Have a read through *This*
  15. Sleep S3 Standby To RAM (STR)

    What board are you using ? You put everything in there except the important bit