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Core I7 success!


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after messing with this all day...i finally have my core i7 system up and running with 10.5.6 and all 8 cores working..


im using a radeon hd4830 video card, which is not supported..so i do not have acceleration...


my motherboard is a MSI x58 pro..the cheapest i7 mb around....yet capable of serious overclocking and apparently compatible with osx86.!


i have not gotten the realtek ALC888 onboard sound to work yet...if anyone has any help to offer...please do!


i havent even tried installin kexts for it yet....im not sure how i would do it.



everything else seems to work pretty well...


without video acceleration i scored 345 in xbench.


geekbench score was 10949 or something close to that...


hopefully i can get some higher numbers when the video card acceleration works.


thanks for the help!


i couldnt have done this without this amazing forum!



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