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  1. Hi, guys I'm having a strange problem with my new hackintosh. GA-H61M-DS2 (rev. 2.2 F7) + Celeron G550 + GeForce 8500 GT, etc. ###### + ######. The system works even without a DSDT and its vanilla DSDT .dsl dump can be compiled without any errors. Still, a used a DSDT with some sound edits, to enable sound with one patched AppleHDA.kext. Everything pretty much works, sounds, sleep/wake, QE/CI, etc. But there's a problem: I lose display signal after booting the system up, when it's connected via a DVI to HDMI cable. The video card has a DVI and VGA ports. If I connect a display to it via a VGA port - everything works. If I connect a display to it via a DVI port - everything also works. I can even connect both of displays via a VGA and DVI ports at the same time and both of them will work. But, if I connect a HDTV to the DVI port via DVI to HDMI cable, than it will show the picture when booting, but will lose signal right before showing the desktop. If I'll boot the system with a display connected to a VGA port and later connect the cable to the HDTV, the display goes black and loses signal. If I later disconnect the HDTV, the display goes back on. So... what I know so far: the cable works (tested on multiple systems), this HDTV can get signal through it, the HDMI input on the HDTV is working, this graphic card worked in such a setup (connecting the hackintosh to a HDTV via a DVI to HDMI cable) previously, when it was installed in a different hackintosh with Snow Leopard. So, any ideas? I'm currently stumped by this situation: how can a display connected to a DVI port work, but a HDTV connected via a DVI to HDMI cable to the same port - not?
  2. If i remember correctly, i used a bios file from this site: http://www.lejabeach.com/Biostar/P35D2A7/ I think it was the latest official bios: http://www.lejabeach.com/Biostar/P35D2A7/P35BA724.zip
  3. Ok, solved the problem with the help of SwitchResX app
  4. Hi guys, I was using an HIS Radeon HD 4870 1 Gb (VGA, DVI, HDMI) with EvoEnabler in SL — everything was great when i used a 20" monitor connected by a DVI cable, now i need to change the monitor to a 19" monitor connected by a VGA cable, ok, it works, but the system doesn't display the correct resolution & aspect ratio: my monitor has a resolution of 1440 x 900, but there's no such resolution in the display preferences, also most of the resolutions there are for 4:3 aspect ratio... QE/CI works... How can i force the system to enable all 16:10 resolutions so i can choose mine? A don't really want to edit the boot.plist to force the resolution...
  5. Damn, i got it to work, lol. Don't know how and why but i got to some web site with different overclocker BIOS'es for Biostar mobos. There was a bios update file for a Biostar TP35D2-A7 Express mobo (which is similar to mine P35D2-A7) which enabled AHCI mode for SATA drives, so i flashed it into my mobo and guess what? I got AHCI enabled plus some overclocking options The "still waiting for root device" disappeared. There are some strange stuff in the system (like two ethernet ports detected in the mobo, instead of one, lol), but it works, which is the most important thing
  6. Hi guys, Some days ago, after i installed SL onto a few nice PCs with Core i7 cpus, i decided to install SL onto my old hackintosh (pentium dual core 2.2 ghz e2200, biostar p35d2-a7 mobo, 4 gb ram, sata hdd & dvd-rw, etc), which used an old install of Kallyway 10.5.2 updated to 10.5.5. But i stumbled upon a problem trying to install Snow Leopard 10.6 on this setup. I can't say that i'm a pro hackintosh-installer, but definetly not a total noob The first problem was that my pc wouldn't boot up from a usb stick - the pc just hangs on the post screen if there are any usb drives pluged in before the OS loads up (updating bios didn't help), so i decided to install SL from a different hackintosh. Made a DSDT.aml file, collected all the neccesery kexts for booting up my system after installation, pluged the hard drive to another hackintosh, booted up from a usb stick with SL, partitioned the drive, intalled a vanilla SL, booted up on this hackintosh from it's installation, made a EFI partation, installed chameleon, installed the kext's, made an mkext, installed a DSDT.aml file, etc. Unpluged the drive, installed it back in my old hackintosh, trying to boot up - FAIL, cpu kernel panic because of HPET... ok, added a NullCpuPowerManagment.kext - no HPET error, no kernel panic, but again FAIL - still waiting for root device. As a recall, the "still waiting for root device" error is displayed when the bootloader can't see the correct partition to boot up, so i: - added AppleIntelPIISATA.kext (all sata ports working fix), no luck - added the UUID of the drive to PlatformUUID.kext & boot.plist, again no luck - tried various boot arguments, like rd=disk0s2, etc, no luck So, i don't know anything more to try, as i see it, all the element of the system is fine, but is stuck on "still waiting for root device". Another problem of my mobo is the fact, that it doesn't have any SATA/AHCI/RAID hard drive options in BIOS, so i can't experiment with them. Is there any way to bypass this error? Maybe another kext of some kind?
  7. Well, i don't mind digging in some plists, configs, etc, if there's a guide or a basic how-to The Aggregate Device is no problem — already played with it on some other hackintoshes. The headphones port definitely worked with the other audio driver, before updating to 10.6.2 Maybe something's not right about my placing of and the my set the kexts? I'm using EFI partition for placing all my bootloader, DSDT.aml & extensions.mkext with all the necessary kexts for my systme, so currently i have all the vanilla kexts in "/System/Library/Extrensions" + the audio driver from this thread in extensions.mkext in the EFI partition. Maybe there's some sort of conflict? Do i need to remove the vanilla driver from /System/Library/Extrensions?
  8. I also thought so the first time, so i did a clean install (with hard drive formatting), but no luck Well, i just manually added extensions.mkext to the efi partition & edited one config file so this partition wouldn't not automount on startup I got the audio back after updating to 10.6.2 with kext from this thread: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=161430 But the original kext from this thread was better (more audio ports were enabled).
  9. Hi, first let me say thanks you for the driver! I'm using asus p6t se (alc1200). First i installed 10.6.0 & used the driver from this thread (in /extra) - it worked great: three line out ports & a headphone port working for sound output, all showing in sound preferences + a mic port & line in ports for audio input in sound preferences (tested only the mic port). After updating to 10.6.2 sound was gone & i replaced that driver with your driver - sound's working, but i have only three sound output ports in sound preferences (headphones, line out, digital out), didn't test the digital out, but only only the line out port works (headphones port doesn't work). As for input, the "internal microphone" port works, but i think it has lower sensitivity then with the previous driver. Is there some was to enable all sound output ports? coaxial & optical would be nice too
  10. Thanks again And an another dumb question: is there a way to decompile the existing DSDT.aml file that i'm using right now, edit it & recompile back?
  11. Yeah, i know that the USB stick is better for updating/changing the DSDT/Kexts/Bootloaders (well, any experiments), but this PC would be used not by me, but a friend of mine, who's not a hackintosh geek — he doesn't need this I already thought about dumping the Extensions.mkext manually from the USB stick to the EFI partition, but there's a small problem. If i remember correctly, usually when you use the "hidden" 200 mb EFI partition for storing all the extra kexts, bootloaders, etc, it is invisible most of the time: you format it & mount it with the use of terminal, copy all the needed files, build the kext cache, etc, after that you unmount it, delete the "/Volume/EFI" and this partition isn't visible more, it doesn't show up after rebooting, etc. But in my case, this EFI partition is automatically mounted on every reboot with all the other drives - is there a way to disable this? And an another question: the system has a core i7 920 cpu, all cores enables, HT enabled. The System Profiler does see that the computer has 1 cpu and 4 cores, but the activity monitor shows only one cpu-loading graph - isn't is supposed to show four separate graphs? Or even eight graphs (don't recall about virtual cores)? And a few more questions (sorry to keep bugging you, lol): - I found out that when i use the applehda & hdaenabler kexts the systems sees all of the audio ports, but i could get sound output one of the ports. I re-pluged my headphones to all of the 1/8 jacks (didn't plug in the mic port) & could hear sound only in one of them — is it supposed to be like this (well, maybe i need other kexts for this alc1200) or am i doing something wrong? - I'll do some testing later today to see if i'll get video output thru the HDMI port - need it for dual monitors (with a dvi-hdmi cable) & pluging in a large LCD TV, but it would be great if i also could enable video output to the VGA (D-Sub) port. - I noticed that the cooling system on this Radeon HD4870 adjusts it's fan speed to load: in idle it's quiet & some time the fan even stops for a bit, but if i open up an app & move it's window on the desktop (plus minimize-maximize it to-from the dock) the fans accelerates for a bit, making noticeable noise. Well, i know that this is right as a concept (more load - more cooling), but could this be some how tweaked? I don't think there so much load from moving windows on the desktop that it needs to accelerate the fan so much. - Is there any way to find out does OpenCL work on this system?
  12. New problem: the "3_MacLoader" script from the P6T SE Essentials pack doesn't work. Well it works, but with errors. I'm trying to install to EFI partition, so here's the log: Well, as you can see above, the script does not create an Extensions.mkext file in the Extra folder of the EFI partition. Plus, this partition (EFI) is automatically mounted after restarting the computer. So no Extensions.mkext, no kexts & no Snow Leopard booting of the hard drive... because of this i can only boot up from the USB stick which i made to install the OS. Would appreciate some help :-) And yes, even though it says "mkdir: /Volumes/EFI: File exists" there's no "/Volumes/EFI" when i start the script.
  13. Succsess! I was right — the last problem was because of VGA (D-Sub) port on the videocard. Pluged the monitor by a DVI cable & Voilà! It works!
  14. Damn, i moved up further. Used only the P6T SE Essentials (with different kexts: EVOenabler.kext, fakesmc.kext (2.5), IOAHCIBlockStorageInjector.kext, PlatformUUID.kext) & the DSDT. Now it goes all the way thru the text logs and suddenly the monitor goes black. As i can hear from the PC, i think it boots into the graphical installer, but it won't show me it on the monitor. I think the problem is that you made the DSDT for a 512 MB radeon & i have a 1024 MB version OR it could be the fact that i connect my monitor to VGA (D-Sub) port on the videocard (I've had issues earlier with the videocard trying to send the signal thru the other port, not the one my monitor is connected to — that was way back in leopard on an another PC but it's a possibility). My Radeon 4870 has three ports: VGA (D-sub), DVI & HDMI. It would be great if any of the would work (i know it's a problem to get sound on HDMI — i don't realy need it, just video).
  15. Bchemist, thanks, i'll try it later today. By the way, could any of you write down the exact bios settings of your working hackintosh on a P6T SE? Maybe i'm just missing something, the more detailed config is - the better.