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  1. has anyone been able to get an I7 system working WITH a bootable software RAID 0? I have tried just about everything I can think of and im having no luck... also, i have another question.. I have been reading on here and everywhere that you need AHCI enabled in the bios to install and run osx86. i didnt know this when i first installed on this I7 system..and i was using a IDE dvd drive for install.. i tried switching the system to AHCI and i got a "waiting for root device" upon boot.. i figured it was because the install was when i was using IDE...so i ran and picked up a SATA dvd drive and reinstalled just how I had done it many times before: I installed XXX_10.5.6_leo: 9.5.0 voodoo kernel EFI v9 Jmicron ATA intel ich10r RTL8111 Old APIC/ACPI runs great using busratio=19 and cpu=1 flags do DSDT patch, all 8 cores work, no CPU flag needed. runs like hell! so....after not being able to get AHCI working on this XXX install....i tried installing iatkos and it restarted in the middle of install(about to try again).is it worth me even going through all of this trouble to get AHCI enabled? are most people installing both the jmicron AND ich10r kexts? another issue at startup...its going fine...then theres a long pause where its waiting for something then: "kextd[10] IOKitwaitquiet timed out waiting to write kernel" then a couple more seconds go by and it says something like "interface namer timed out could not update platform" (i didnt have a way to take pics yet and didnt write it down, sorry for not being exact on the messages) ...it really slows down the boot, wondering if theres a way to eliminate it. i noticed that when i changed my bios settings to turn APIC off, it booted extremely quickly (but my DSDT patch wouldnt work anymore and therefore i only had 1 core) my system consists of: i7 920 MSI x58 Pro 6gb wintec 1600 ATI Radeon 4850 (CF with a 4830 but it doesnt do anything in osx) XBENCH score: http://db.xbench.com/merge.xhtml?doc2=350749 GEEKBENCH score: http://browse.geekbench.ca/geekbench2/view/114983 one last question..i was noticing that the people with i7s that posted scores on geekbench have different bus speeds than me... is that bus speed referring to anything? mine is at 532 and higher scoring PCs listed bus speeds at 740 and 780...same chip. then again, i saw someone with a bus speed of 227 something with the chip at 4.34ghz.. does this bus speed listing in geekbench tell us anything about their computer? thanks for any help that you all can offer...this is an awesome forum..i just got into osx86 recently and now i run it on both of my computers full time! its great
  2. you will have to do cpus=1 until you have done the DSDT patch.. also, i think i had to boot up using -f for my first boot for some reason. i had better luck with the drive in first SATA slot...and since i was installing from a IDE dvd drive, i used IDE mode instead of AHCI for my install.. i used xxx_leo_10.5.6 and did the rest of the install like your post said. also, i found appleazalia.kext that gets the sound card working (stereo output only though).. everything is going good on this system so far with MSI x58 pro..xbench is 337 with disk test currently..
  3. sorry, i didnt include the kernel panic screen shot.. if anyone can offer any help, that would be awesome! sorry, i didnt include the kernel panic screen shot.. if anyone can offer any help, that would be awesome!
  4. i have been running xxx_leo_10.5.6 on my core i7 for a little while now with no problems.. I am using pc efi v9/1.0.12 voodoo 9.5.0 kernell and dsdt patch to enable all 8 cores working. just have to use busratio=19 for my OC and everything works fine. i recently got a couple velociraptor HDDs and i wanted to set up a software raid 0 and boot to it. set up the raid, cloned my system...installed bootloader to boot partitions on each slice drive and made sure to put boot-uuid flag in plis before adding bootloader.. i am able to get the drive to boot up from a bootloader install on ANOTHER harddrive (have to have the install on anotehr driver and used this raid UUID to have it boot to the raid drive.. but i cant get it to boot by itself... IS IT POSSIBLE WITH A CORE i7 to have BOOTABLE software RAID 0? here is a picture of the kernel panic i get on startup with the RAID drive:
  5. Core I7 success!

    OH YEAH! sound is working....only thing that still needs a kext as of right now is my radeon hd4830.. still waiting for it to be made!
  6. Core I7 success!

    after messing with this all day...i finally have my core i7 system up and running with 10.5.6 and all 8 cores working.. im using a radeon hd4830 video card, which is not supported..so i do not have acceleration... my motherboard is a MSI x58 pro..the cheapest i7 mb around....yet capable of serious overclocking and apparently compatible with osx86.! i have not gotten the realtek ALC888 onboard sound to work yet...if anyone has any help to offer...please do! i havent even tried installin kexts for it yet....im not sure how i would do it. everything else seems to work pretty well... without video acceleration i scored 345 in xbench. geekbench score was 10949 or something close to that... hopefully i can get some higher numbers when the video card acceleration works. thanks for the help! i couldnt have done this without this amazing forum! !!