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Attention Matrix Fans

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I compiled the [formerly] PPC only version of Red Pill for Intel. Enjoy! :thumbsdown_anim:


EDIT: Moderators, forgive me; my Mac was acting funky when I submitted the topic, and ended up making the same topic. Please delete the clones.


EDIT2: Archive now includes source; this project is GPL'd by the original author, so I'm required to post the source too.


EDIT3: Oi..submitted again because the 2nd archive didn't have the source. XDD


Here's a screenshot of it for those who are curious



Thanks goes to Jalo on the OSX86 project's IRC for finding the source to begin with.


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this looks great running as a desktop wallpaper. very low cpu usage. thanks for porting it. ;)


Desksaver Plus Widget http://www.columbia.edu/~slc2111/Desksaver_Plus.wdgt.zip


"# Desksaver Plus is a neat widget interface that allows screensavers to be run right on your desktop.

# A CPU percentage indicator shows whether or not the screensaver is bogging down your system."

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