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I ran across this on macosxhints - thought it might be of interest.




"I've been working with the public beta of Parallels' Workstation 2.1, just to see what it was capable of doing. In short, I've been quite impressed with its capabilities -- enough so that it's last week's "make up" Pick of the Week (the writeup will be up later today). It's a great solution for anyone who wants to run WindowsXP on an Intel Mac, without the full reboot via Boot Camp. There are some downsides, and it's still beta, but it works, and it's quite fast.


But the real power of Parallels is its support for other operating systems. Over the weekend, I installed Win2K, Debian Linux, and Fedora Core Linux, which is the subject of this quick tip.


After a succesful Fedora Core install (using the defaults as provided by Parallels, but bumping the Memory setting to the suggested max of 1140MB), I coulnd't get Fedora to boot -- it would panic just after starting to load. Some digging around on Parallels' forums found the answer in this thread. It turns out that Fedora Core will panic above a certain setting in the Memory field. Reader 'vazexqi' found that 600MB would panic, but 516MB worked fine.


I set the memory down to 516MB, and Fedora than booted up just fine."

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