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Hey Penguin, you can browse the most recent pages of the dev's private discussion yourself and read about some of their latest progress (devs currently don't have a roadmap for progress updates, so you'll have to judge for yourself). As for Snow Leopard, it's a logical target but until it is officially released, I can't speak for whether or not devs are working on dev preview builds right now.

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Actually, I think it's time to close this project, in 100+ posts, no-one has shared any useful information. the objject of the x-labs is to discuss development, not to brag about what might be *coming real soon now* from jealously-guarded experiments.


I've been trying to share what I can as I go, instructions are there, i think.

I've been busy lately, so have been unable to put together solid stuff, but I don't think we've been guarding secrets...

I'll try to straighten out my procedure....Though i may reform it as per modbins new suggestions.

I think this project is alive, but we need to be a bit more cohesive. Please have a look at the last post(s) in the development thread for current progress and what needs to be done.

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