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Hey everyone! i wanted to know if you could tell me if there is a possibility that i can run any os x, prefered leopard on my computer i have


processor: E8400 INTEL CPU 3.0GHZ

motherboard: ASUS P5Q DELUXE P45 CHIPSET

gpu: ATI 4850 512MB

harddrive: samsung f1 750gb



Is it possible to run everything perfect and smooth?

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yes yes and yes... I have all the hardware mentioned cept my CPU is different, it really doesn't make a difference though which quad you run, but do you know off the top of your head what CPU revision that is? Yorkshire or Westcott or whatever it's called? The Yorkshire's take a different BIOS revisions than the earlier named quad cores, and I'm not sure if any one has modded that BIOS yet.


Furthermore while 4xxx aren't officially supported they can be run using the VESA2 driver. Sadly it doesn't support wide screen and doesn't support the special effects but oh well still good enough for me for the moment. The 4xxx series WILL be supported, it's just a matter of time.

The command to force it to be a specific resolution (which you need to tell it prior to it booting into OS X) is going to be:


"Graphics Mode"="####x####x32"


(yes you type the quotes) now on my machine I have a native 1680x1050 monitor so the best I can run is 1440x1050 so mine reads:


"Graphics Mode"="1440x1050x32"


Now I'd definitely suggest after you get OSX fully installed that you put this into your startup file so it'll auto boot that method every time and you don't have to manually type it in before every OSX boot.


Seek out the thread http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=112033 it talks about what you have to do to get it up and running on the P5Q-Deluxe mother board (takes a specially edited BIOS revision for starters and specific BIOS settings to even get it to install... not a big deal but if you never knew you'd be wasting lots of time trying to figure it out to no avail)


Hard drive model doesn't matter as long as it's SATA and ACHI compatible, also your DVD drive will have to be a SATA drive.

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