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  1. kennyp

    Install on the Compaq C714NR?

    I downloaded the combo-update, and let it run to go from 10.5.4 to 10.5.5, and the same with 10.5.6. I am fully working (except the regular stuff) I did not have to do anything extra. OK there are 2 ways we can go. I like the method using the EFI Partition and placing all the boot stuff there. But if you are going to dual boot with anything on an NTFS partition, we'll go another way. Start working on getting a 10.5.4 Retail DVD, and I'll put a guide up in the next day or so. BTW, if you go XP and OS X, we can do a smoother boot menu setup. I think with VISTA, we will have to use both bootloaders....but not sure. Kenny
  2. kennyp

    Install on the Compaq C714NR?

    Do any of you guys want me to do a retail vanilla install and post the instructions? If so, I'll do it the first of the week. The only part of the vanilla install that has to be touched is adding audio, and ps2 trackpad support. I also need to know if you want duel booting, and if so what other OS, xp is easy, Vista is more work. Let me know. Kenny BTW, retail install has the same issues (audio jacks, mic, fan after sleep) Also, for a retail install, you must start with a 10.5.4 DVD, the 10.5.1 DVD will not work with our graphics.
  3. I have this one. The same hardware comes with eyetv for about $30.00 more. Works great in OSx and Win.
  4. kennyp

    Problem with video

    I could be wrong, but it sounds to me like the video is not loading the correct driver....try booting with -x at the Darwin prompt. If you don't see the prompt, press f8 during the boot countdown. That may get you started, if not, sorry. Good luck
  5. Look here. This was with 10.5.4, but not much change. Try it out. Updated to 10.5.6 with no problems. The C7xx will not have access to your audio jacks, mic, and sleep will work but on wake the fan will not return to active cooling. It will not wake after a 2nd sleep, and without active cooling, you are better off without. Good luck. Kenny
  6. I got this Logitech and it works great Osx and Pc!
  7. Try unplugging power, remove battery, wait 5 min, put all back.........Don't know if it will work but it's worth a shot.
  8. kennyp

    Install on the Compaq C714NR?

    On your retail boot, you need at 10.5.4 DVD to load the video, 10.5.1 will not do it. I was playing with a retail install a while back, using Munky's EFI boot. I never could get the audio to work, so I gave up for a while. But it is cool.
  9. kennyp

    Free website and Hosting

    All of the above is true. Had a site there for about the last 6 mo. and no issues! Always up, nice and fast, with tons of "working" features.
  10. kennyp

    Install on the Compaq C714NR?

    Sorry, I've been away for a while. When I went from iATKOS v4 to 10.5.5 I just let the auto update do it's thing, and had no issues at all. I did not have to use any of the methods on the Laptop. Mine is a C712NR. I did reinstall Vanilla's a.zip package, and she was good to go. Hope that helps. Kenny
  11. kennyp

    Broadcom 4311 on Compaq v5000 Plz Help!

    broadcom 4311 should work OOB with iATKOS v4 You should not have to select anything under network for it to work.
  12. kennyp


    There is no problem running 10.5.5 on any of the P5Q MoBo with the modified Bios. I don't know about your Gfx card...but I have all cores going on a Q6600. kenny
  13. kennyp

    Install on the Compaq C714NR?

    I have spent some time working with the BOOT EFI method Munky has posted in this thread. The install using Retail 10.5.0 will not work with our graphics chip, but the 10.5.4 Retail DVD will. Getting the PS2 kext for keyboard and trackpad to load is no problem. Getting audio to work while leaving the install untouched is a problem. I have tried EFI strings and kext with no luck. Also I had some high temps. I have set the project aside for a little while, but I will return to it soon. Good luck Kenny
  14. kennyp

    Install on the Compaq C714NR?

    Try Vanilla's a.zip the powerman. should get you going. Kenny