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[HELP NEEDED] A Backup Solution Once And For All!


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My Goal:


To be able to create a backup image of my osx86 partition and be able to restore it PERFECTLY every time I make a mistake. I have one Leopard partition, one Vista partition, and one Storage partition. The storage would be large enough to hold a bit for bit copy of the OSX partition. Also, it would be nice if the image could be compressed.



My Attempts:

Apple DiskUtility: I made a backup AND was able to restore the data, but not the MBR. I could not boot into my partition to use it. FAIL!


Acronis True Image Home 2009: I made a backup, but it would not restore back to the same partition. It only allowed me to restore to a larger partition, but not the original one it backed up from! FAIL!


Carbon Copy Cloner: The only way to restore an image is to boot anto ANOTHER OSX partition and restore from there! FAIL!



My Plea:


Please help me find a backup solution that actually works!!



Thank You

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what i do allways (tried it a lot of times, recently i copied from a disk to my velociraptor final attempt/perfect working osx)

i backup my leo disk to another disk with super duper (restart to the new disk it will not be bootable)

i have in a small external usb disk leopard with not modifications etc (or in another disk a working osx, no need for sound,gpu etc)

i have there chameleon installer there (Chameleon_V_1.0.11)

i write the chameleon bootloader to the new disk (choose from the installation the new disk that u cloned with super duper)

now this disk also it's bootable

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Okay, 3 Questions:


1) I tried to backup my PBR and MBR but I cannot find the files after they have been backed up. Where do they go?


2) Do I need both my pbr and mbr?


3) Can I just use the windows cd like the article said and fixmbr and be bootable perfectly with a backup and restore from disk utility?

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2 way to do it.


Ghost v.11 or CCC

you need a windows PE tool disk.. with GHost v.10 or V.11 in it.. back up under windows PE and recover under Windows PE also..( should be able to boot if you installed chameleon bootloader before.


or CCC make a copy to your USB EXT HD (and a patition on your Internal HD ,if you want to..)

and get an external USB HD to boot and install chameleon bootloader onto the recovered patiton..( if not bootable)

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I can't find the information I need by searching.


Can someone please help me?


I have recovered an image made from disk utility. I backed up my mbr and pbr with dd command on a usb drive. How can I put them back?


In single-user mode, it wont let me mount the main disk or the usb drive to be able to make the transfer.


In the Terminal from the Install CD, it claims that my main disk is being used so it can't load the mbr or pbr.


Can somene please point me or re-establish a step by step proceedure to either install a new mbr or recover the ones I have?



Thank You

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I have tried SuperDuper and it is worthless as you must have another OSX patition to be able recover your data.


I have also tried this to recover my Disk Utility restore:


diskutil unmount disk0s2

cd /volumes/OSX86inst/usr/standalone/i386

dd if=boot1h of=/dev/rdisk0s2 bs=512 count=1

/volumes/ToolsDVD/startupfiletool -v /dev/rdisk0s2 boot

bless -device /dev/disk0s2 -setBoot -verbose

diskutil mount disk0s2

bless -mount /volumes/OSX86/ -setBoot -verbose



I've also tried every variation on these instructions... I can get everything here to work except the second to last step. I cannot bless the partition because it claimes that "bless should only be executed from the installation".


I cannot seem to make my restored backup bootable! That's okay as long as someone can show me a method that can backup and restore with boot sector intact. I will try the Windows PE and Ghost method tomorrow, but I could really use some more help. If anyone knows how I can make a nonbootable system bootable, please help.

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