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  1. flag ur xp partition as the boot partition using gparted live
  2. Dropbox

    https://www.getdropbox.com/referrals/NTI2NjE1Njk OR use this! get dropbox AND a free cookies
  3. OS X themes?

    may i suggest looking around macthemes2.net its got everything you need... currently, leopard doesn't have any themeing application, but two, facade and kameleon, are on the way and fyi, the screenshot you posted are HUD mods.. google em or just search for HUD in macthemes2.net
  4. Sleep does reboot

    try kaly... works fab on my 1525
  5. parallels or vmware?

    they work exactly the same. parallels just has a nicer icon ^^
  6. Config File not found..

    ive had that problem once.... boot from dvd and repair the disk using disk util
  7. Auto kexts-unloading mechanism?

    the USB hotpluggin prob is probably coz your system.kext version isnt the same as your kernel version (should be running 9.5 on both if you are on 10.5.5 with vanilla kernel)
  8. Some software works some software doesnt

    maybe its because you are using AMD...
  9. if you wanted crossover so badly, why didn't you just get the free license on the 28th
  10. Boot time.

    leopard: 10-12 secs from selecting OSX in bootloader to desktop vista: round 50 seconds from selecting in bootloader to desktop
  11. Grey Screen of Death?

    O boy, i can just imagine you going in what are you gonna say? 'i tried restoring a time machine backup from my hackintosh and now this thing doesn't work' keep us posted on how everything goes mate
  12. kextd crash loop

    wrong forums... you want to post this in the osx86 post install forums
  13. Newbie here

    check out the wiki at osx86project... that and the HCL should help you
  14. or you could save yourself hours researching and just fix the mbr every time you restore a backup... it shouldn't take long anyway...
  15. yeah, that happens to me as well... gotta fix it after every reboot... also, another problem i face is tap click gets messed up after i sleep/wake it once... to get it to work properly i hav to either sleep/wake another time or shutdown and boot with -v -f [rebooting with -v -f doesn't work]