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My unconventional method of repairing a dead hard drive.

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Ok so I did something hilarious today and wanted to share it with someone. I had a completely dead 30 GB laptop hard drive from who knows how long ago. I got bored with it not working so I bashed it against the table a few times and viola. The horrible clicking sounds of the drive ceased, and the drive is working wonders now. Now mind you, I won't be putting any important data on this and I only expect it to last the whole 30 minutes, but I am very proud of what I've done, and I hope some of you are proud of this incredible breakthrough as well.

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I've had good luck with recovery after leaving them outside to get cold at night. I've read about freezing then dropping, but I can't bring myself to do that . . .

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That method has "fixed" several iPod video 5th gens.

They must have used a very poor drive for them, I know 5 people with them and all of them have had hard drive issues.

This method got 4 of them going again for about another year, the 5th one only lasted about the time it took to backup the drive and it never spun-up again.

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