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  1. 2012: The Year The Internet Ends

    Ah well, at least they still sell pr0n at the gas station up the road :/
  2. I watched THE STRANGERS the other day and it was really good. Excelent show !!!
  3. OSx86 gets yet more mainstream?

    Some people are alot more lazy than we give them credit for
  4. I tried this method on a laptop LCD screen...they aren't as sturdy as a hard drive I guess :/
  5. Take One, Leave One

    wireless Indiana Jones or Back to the Future?
  6. Take One, Leave One

    blackberry pancakes or waffles?
  7. Take One, Leave One

    I'd hit it I guess, if she got me liquored up.
  8. You're welcome As for the laptop, when exactly are you getting the blue screen? At the time when the installer should pop up?
  9. [Wall] Apple Fire

    Nice job dude !! Reminds me of sparklers at night !
  10. It depends on what type of controller is in your system. There are a few common ones, but they are not compatible with each others kexts. You can look up your mobo specs to find the controller type. Gizmo, you should be able to use the Intel kext for ICH.
  11. Looks as if you are missing the correct kext for your sata controller. What type is it?
  12. Boot up using osx cd. When you get to the installer portion, go to the utilities menu. From there you can access the shell, or you can boot with -s flag which will take you into single user mode. check out this post http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=22844
  13. I have installed xp/vista after OSX on the same hard drive many times. Never had an issue. What I would do is mark the partition you want to put xp on as active, then install xp as normal. After xp is installed, use an osx86 disk to boot you into your osx install. Install chameleon, mark osx partition as active, reboot. Should get bootloader prompt showing osx, as well as whatever your windows partition is named.
  14. Signature Length complaint

    I would have liked to have someone be so polite as to inform me, actually my signature was smaller than yours is right now. So I am unsure why it was edited...oh well, complaining may prove futile so I will shut it now.
  15. The ultimate OSx86 Boot-CD project ...

    I have actually had alot more experiences with stuff that started as a really bad idea :/