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My Success at x86 OSX


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Hi Everyone im new here just wanted to let you know that after about 30min looking at the forums here and about 1 hour of tinkering I was able to successfully install OS X and WinXP in dual boot

first my hardware:


P4 2.6GHz with HT socket 478 (OS X detects it as 4GHz P4 hehehe)

MSI Neo 2 Intel 865 chipset motherboard

on board Intel NIC

Radeon X800XL 256MB AGP vid card

on board sound (also have Audigy 2ZS but OS X doesnt reconize it)

2GB Dual Channel DDR PC3200 OCZ ram (4x 512MB)

250GB 8MB cache 7200RPM WD SATA

500GB 16MB cache 700RPM Seagate SATA Drive

LG 8x DVD-r/+r 2.4x DL+R

LG 16x DVD-R/+R 5x DL+R/-R


some other misc stuff not worth mentioning


here is what I did followed the instructions posted by im sorry no name as i printed it and never looked at the pasters name I give full credit to them (you know who you are)


Prep In windows

1. Have Partition Magic (version 8 prefered)


2. have space as much as you can I allocated 60GB to OS X 20GB for win XP and 500GB for XP as well but OS X reads (read only :whistle: )NTFS just fine so 500GB is readable by both OS's


3.1st run partition magic and create (or resize) as much free space as you can after your windows partition and before any extended partition (thus creating 2 primary partitions) it is Crucial that the allocated non-formated space be AFTER the windows partition make sure the space is marked as Unallocated space


4. press apply and if required reboot to make the changes.


5. when done boot normally and click start then run type in "diskpart" (no quotes) press enter


6. type "list disk" press enter


7. type "select disk 0" press enter (if you are installing to same drive as windows)


8. type "list part" press enter you will notice you do not see the empty space you made in Partition magic


9. type "create partition primary id=af" then press enter


10. type "list part" press enter now you will see the the new partition OS X will be installed on.


11. type "exit" press enter


Burn the "MacOSX_10.4.4DVD patched 10.4.4.iso" with Nero choose burn image in nero from the recorder menu (I used Nero (I tried Alcohol 120% but it said it wouldn't fit although Nero didn't care)


boot off the DVD..


once you get to the part where OS X asks where you want to install you must launch the Disk Utility to erase the partition you created earlier

once done OS X installs fine


not on the release i have it has an AMD enabler and booting failed if you didn't customize the install and uncheck the AMD enabler.


once installed enjoy. the Darwin Boot Loader defaults to OSX but if a key is pressed within 10 seconds it lets you boot to what ever drive Windows is on.




if Anyone knows how to get my resolution past 1024x768 i would appreciate it contact me at nyk0n at shaw dot ca i am a n00b at OSX but im loving it already.




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I must add that just after writing this i decided to allow the critical software update through and now OS X wont boot !


do not install this update that OS X detects if running the way I have suggested

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Haha, yeah, that 10.4.5 update is a real killer. It beckons you to do it, but it'll screw up your boot. Also, there hasn't been any success in running any resolutions other than 1280x1024. This resolution kills my eyes, but it's better than 1024x768

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I must add that just after writing this i decided to allow the critical software update through and now OS X wont boot !


do not install this update that OS X detects if running the way I have suggested


Using the myzar install DVD, ( having the same problem after the update install), I took the mach_kernel from

the DVD root level and replaced the now corrupt updated mach_kernel with it. Rebooted back into a working system.


As opposed to reinstalling the system again



If this helps,



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we're glad to hear that your install was succesful, but why don't you reply to the guide you used?


Anyway, use "graphics mode"="1280x1024x32" at boot to get a higher resolution. You may need to pound on F8 if quiet boot is enabled.


Sorry I never replied to the original post as it was in two spots and honestly i lost the links to the direct thread


thanks will try this command for 1280x1024 as 1024x768 is not my LCD monitors fav res.


I have tried F8 at the darwin Boot Screen and typed in(with quotes) "graphics mode"="1280x1027x32" and no change still running in 1024x768x32


i will try without the quotes but wonder if i am doing anthing wrong here


tried this mode both ways i don't get errors but screen res is still 1024x768


wondering if i need to somehow get a proper driver installed


OS X detects me running a 16MB ATI card with no name and in fact have 256MB ATI Radeon X800XL


any other ideas?

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1600x1200 is only available to GMA900/950 cards, or other ATI or nVidia cards by various means (ATI through luck, nVidia thru the macvidia driver).


back in the old days, i used to run 2048x1536 on my (at that time) driverless nVidia 6800 card.


hit F8 on boot and type "?video" (without the quotes) to see a list of available video modes. they dont all seem to work, but try a few and you might have some more luck.

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