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  1. LOL, me too, but I am going to try Macromedia Studio 8 and Adobe Creative Suite 2 on OS X
  2. Yea, mine was at the end of the HDD at first but it doesnt work. LOL
  3. Managed to get it to dual boot, I finally realise that the MAC PARTITION must be straight after C:\ (WINDOWS PARTITION) and of course it must be primary. Going to try triple boot vista on tuesday.
  4. GaMerZ84

    My Success at x86 OSX

    This shld help u: http://profit42.com/guides.php?id=2
  5. GaMerZ84

    Another Chain Booting Error

    thanks for the reply dude, just want to make sure. No wonder it doesnt work. Any idea how to move it up? I have to merge the other 2 partitions and create the mac os x partition first before the windows partition? So there is no other way (means I have to reinstall mac again)
  6. GaMerZ84

    Another Chain Booting Error

    bump, can anyone please tell me whether the screenshot ontop means that my MAC drive is after the extended partition?
  7. My boot.ini get chain booting error and my OS selector cant find my Mac Partition =(
  8. Means u did not set it to active?
  9. GaMerZ84

    help needed, osx won't boot

    I got this problem too
  10. ops, i mean the windows OS selection menu. Anyawy I installed OS selector and my mac drive did not show up there. Any ideas?
  11. thanks for the guide, works for me. Now I just need to get it dual boot. damn chain booting error.
  12. hi guys, I got a chain booting error when I choose Mac OS X from the OS selector menu using boot.ini/chain0
  13. GaMerZ84

    Another Chain Booting Error

    Elv13: 1. It is confirm AF, I checked it with spfdisk 2. Mine is confirm primary partition. 3. Take a look at the screenshot, I dun really get this part. 4. I tried the chain0 and boot.ini method, that is where I get the Chain Booting Error
  14. Do you have partition magic or something?
  15. Is your MAC drive the primary and active partition?