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  1. iDVD burning question

    yes. if you get a supported DVD burner, then that option will open up. You will have to use patchburn for it to work.
  2. ATI radeon 9550 driver

    what are you talking about? asus makes motherboards, not graphics cards. And the 9550 is 256 mgs. Have you patched the atiradeon9700.kext yet? search the forums to learn how to add your card.
  3. soundmax audio not working please help

    Try the wiki. Thats why it's there.
  4. Adding Kexts to the dvd

    I believe they are located in one of the install packages (*.pkg) Open the DVD and do some pecking around.
  5. Installing osX on Hp nx6110... help me please :)

    10.4.3 extensions are compiled for the new universal bianary format. They will not work on 10.4.1. Respectivly, 10.4.1 extensions will not work on 10.4.3. You may do some searching because I think there is a topic about broadcom adapters on this forum.
  6. OSx86 Salvage Project (Please Help!)

    Look in the Hardware Compatibility List for the info on your sound/graphics card. Don't stress about them, you really should look into your processor/mobo stuff with CPUz. It's easier to add a new soundcard than it is a new motherboard.
  7. Installed succesfully, but very slow

    There's an extension (appleinteltpm or something like that) that you may have to delete. I'm not sure on exactly what to delete because I've always run it native.
  8. installing with VMware

    Please search the forums for an answer before asking questions like this.
  9. fail to boot the macOSX....stopped at here...

    List some specifications. What interface does your drive run on? Is it installed on a seperate partition or another hard drive? We can't solve your problem without some particulars.
  10. 10.4.3 iso not installing

    Try the DVD in a non SATA computer. That will tell you if it's the DVD or the computer.
  11. I feel like a n00b...

    I don't mean to be rude or discouraging, but you may have trouble installing OS X86 if you don't know how to operate bittorrent. http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&lr=&saf...ate&btnG=Search Look through these, you may find the answer
  12. Television on Macintel

    I would suggest that you check in the Dual Booting forum.
  13. Problems with GarageBand 3

    Try running it in Rosetta. That may or may not fix the problem.
  14. My Success at x86 OSX

    we're glad to hear that your install was succesful, but why don't you reply to the guide you used? Anyway, use "graphics mode"="1280x1024x32" at boot to get a higher resolution. You may need to pound on F8 if quiet boot is enabled.
  15. Can't boot without external monitor 10.4.4/5

    you could always get a VGA connector from radioshack and build a cleaner version. I'm not a fan of jabbing unmelted solder into my laptop