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Intel GM45


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I just finished the installation on my new laptop.

Installed vista+leo(kalyway)+ubuntu intrepid (8.10)

I have to install 8.10 of ubuntu for get working wireless (intel Wifi 5100) and video w/o problems (intel GMA 4500MHD)

In mac, i supposed we have to wait a little time for get this working too. Its any mode for get the drivers of ubuntu and help to make support for the kext on macosx?

Apologize about my english.

Toshiba M800-10N with leopard working, kernel speedstep. w/O problems during installation. Boot with grub.

Looking for kext:

Ethernet Marvelll dont work.

Wifi Intel 5100 dont work.

Video Intel GMA 4500MHD dont work.

I tell you when i find support.

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My uncle has this laptop and i try to find a way to install Leo on its laptop, but there are some points weird:


M800 10N has:

- an intel 4965 AGN for the wireless

- an Intel GMAX3100


So for sure if we wanna the wifi we will haev to wait or to change it.

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