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  1. When I wake up my mackintosh from sleep the keyboard with usb cable isn't working I need to reconnect. but my mouse with usb receiver works, any idea?
  2. I have two question, can I use iMessage with a different account than my iCloud? isn't working right now. Also, what can I test in my Catalina OS to check if everything is perfect or working fine? some benchmark?
  3. Hi @AudioGod my Bluetooth is working fine, but when I wake up from sleep I need to replug-it to get connection. Any clue about that? Also, for all the other stuff I need to purchase a wifi combo really? or maybe in a future the community could support the 390 Aorus pro wifi adapter? Best regards.
  4. Do you send apps with a hackintosh ? I send it latest update with my hackintosh without issue, but I don’t know I have save my serial number from this time.
  5. Can I change VirtualSMC inside kext-other to fakesmc in order to use hardware monitor?
  6. I wish you a very happy new 2020, your support is awesome @AudioGod!
  7. I think you can add an argument inside clover with uia_include=hs14 but wait for an expert to tell you.
  8. Im using all our setup and works awesome, but I have a question, what can I do to enter in bios? after boot my machine I see the logo and nothing more until reach the desktop login. Also if I press f2 to enter in bios I see black screen. The only issue is when wakeup from sleep I need to replug my welkin usb to get bluetooth working again. Also, can I delete all of this patch below than 10.15?
  9. Thank you @AudioGod for your help! I have Z390 I Aorus pro wifi working awesome with your EFI, and with the patch also sleep. What should i do right now to test? Do you tell me in the other thread isn´t required to do a USBMap, i have all ports working yes. The only thing is that take near a 40seconds to get to desktop, but got bluetooth with Belkin, and sound, ethernet... and so fast!
  10. No, mine is Z390 I Aorus pro wifi mini itx and the battery is in vertical near the Ethernet and usb3 ports i know what is the battery thx look at picture is down the plate
  11. Omg I have found the battery but I need to un assembly all to remove the battery, I will try it tomorrow thanks for supper again! Right now I have boot for testing and is working fine Down the plate is the battery Y_Y I have put the computer to sleep and works!!!! Omg!! Thank you very much totally success with this mobo!! Also i can wake up with the keyboard connected by bluetooth belkin adapter, but after waykup i have to replug the adapter to get keyboard working, well is a bit rare, tomorrow i will work on that.
  12. This step is required also? You will need to reset the bios by Removing the power cable and then pulling the battery on the motherboard for a few minutes to totally clear the nvram before loading into Catalina with the new EFI for the first time.
  13. I haven’t do it right now but my mobo is Z390 I Aorus pro wifi, that will be fine with your efi ? well I have my usb installer to boot if isn’t working, it’s possible to replace and get the old one if isn’t working really ? i have Edited last time the Kexts inside other folder because I don’t need something like atheros and the system takes near one minute to get the desktop and the last step I have to do : Also replace the files OCQuirks and runtimeservices files with the ones I sent you as it’s a fix I need to make. ok?
  14. Yes, i have modify my usbmap with hackintool. Should i replace back our efi again if do not work this? And wich is the latest folder of efi i have to use? latest in this page? Checking my bios is v7, and latest in Gyga is F8c https://www.gigabyte.com/latam/Motherboard/Z390-I-AORUS-PRO-WIFI-rev-10/support#support-dl-bios Should i use this efi really: https://www.insanelymac.com/forum/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=340214 My grpahic is Radeon RX 580 and intel 9 9900
  15. I got same problem, but i cant find the option inside the clover config. I have another ml240 liquid fan.