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Install on PCCHIPS P17G


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I've recently bought a PC CHIPS mobo and did not think it would handle OS X at all, I had an AsRock before with an nVidia AGP that gave me QE/CI, and it ran FCP 4 & 5 but it suddenly burnt and had to get a new mobo.

Well, as I was saying, I did not think it would handle Tiger at all, but installed and to my suprise, the only thing I didn't have was audio, but then I checked in the System Preferences and there it was, I had Internal Speakers in the panel but no sound coming out, so I tested all of the plugs, it turned out that sound is coming from the pink plug.

All my pro Apps are working 100%

Intel Dual Core 1.6
All onboard
GMA 950
Sigmatel HD

hope this post would help

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Its EASY, I' have the same Mobo, Like you I probed any kind of Distros OSX, and none work for me, except one:


"iDeneb 10.5.5", and upgraded to 10.5.8 with ideneb ComboUpdate 10.5.8 and a Decrypter.kext.

I have GMA950 full QE/CI all resolutions

Audio: with VooDooHDA.kext (speakers in the pink connector), I have not mic :(

Network works right Out of The Box!!!. Realtek 8139, but when upgrade to 10.5.8, you may use PCGenRTL8139.kext inside IONetworkingFamily.kext and always boot with -f flag.


Today I'm working on Snow Leopard but I have problems with IOATAFamily, but I've heard about "AppleIntelPIIXATA.kext" from netkas for any kind of chipsets: ICH6, ICH7,ICH8, ICH9 and ICH10



Curiously, I've cant never install Tiger Jas or Kalyway 10.4.X on this MoBo, cuz of this I've been pushed to probe Leopard and Voila!!!!



Hope that helps! ;)

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Yes I got It!!!




(I used Upcase and black cuz, it is the title.)



Well. I probed succesfully Installed a Retail Instalation with EmpireEFI 1063 ISO

After that I installed in E/E AppleIntelPIIXATA.kext, with Kext Utility, in order to get rid the kernel panic produced by IOATAFamily.kext

It charges really fast!!.


Depending on the Proccesor that you have installed.

In my case the 10.6 Vanilla Kernel works natively with my Intel Celeron Duo 2.6GHz.

but It doesn`t support 10.6.4 Original kernel.



I'know that I cant Use Chocolate Kernel for 10.6.4, but I prefer 10.6 Kernel.


Well. In order to get Apple Software Updates directly.

You may backup a copy of the Kernel and rename it.


Eg. cp -R ./mach_kernel hack_kernel


Then add in "com.apple.boot.plist" in the "EXtra" folder

edit the Line which says: "<key>Kernel</key>"

in the next line write this: <string>hack_kernel</string>


Remember, you can Use Vanilla Kernel or chocolate Kernel, its your choice.

Well, Once specified what Kernel may use, and what Extensions may use in "Extra/Extensions".


Then you can Use Apple Software Update directly from Apple, restart et Voila!!!.


Hope that Helps.


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Now, probe to Install with nawcom BootCD installing natively Snow Leopard.

Then Charge ethernet Via DSDT and download ALL UPDATES VIA SOFTWARE UPDATE, Then Reboot


Note: After this you'll need to Install IOUSBFamily 10.6.3 in order to get working the USBs on 10.6.6 and voila!!

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I've successfuly installed osx on this particular board and all important things are working but,


Is there a way to have it to boot by itself on the hard drive? I'm forced to boot it with a boot cd to access osx.


Checked some efi boot thread and tried some actions but not succeed to have it boot from hdd.


p17g pcchips mobo


intel 2180 cpu


2gb ram


300 gb pata hdd (now trying 100gb sata to see if it'S the boot problem)


all suggestions welcome

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First of all, you will need that Things:


1) An OSX86 ModCD 0.3.1 by Nawcom CD

2) A Snow Leopard Retail Installation Disc

3) A DSDT made especific for this MoBo, made by me. (see attachments)

4) 10.6.7 OSX Update from Apple.

5) 10.6.5 Legacy Kernel (see attachments)

6) If you have problems with USB (3rrorists_10.6.5_v2.dmg) (see attachments)



1) Boot with OSX86 ModCD, If you want to boot with USB, maybe yo wanna probe "this OSX86ModUSB"


2) If you are using the CD, once loaded the OSX86 screen, then eject the OSX86 disc, and put the Mac OS X 10.6 Install DVD, then Press "F5"


3) Install Snow Leopard as normal, Only select "Legacy Kernel". This mobo is compatible with Original Vanilla 10.6.0 Kernel, but if you use that, It will no able to detect QE/CI and all resolutions on your GMA950 Graphics Desktop.


4) Once Installed, Reboot without the CD, and Load the DSDT.aml in you root folder "/". And reboot

5) Once loaded the system, you'll notice the benefits of the DSDT on your system, for example:


- You Have Ethernet

- You have QE/CI enabled and all resolutions!!



At This point, you'll have a fully functional OSX with Snow Leopard 10.6.0!!






Now if you wanna upgrade to 10.6.7, do the following:


1) Download 10.6.7 Upgrade from Apple, Not directly from Software Upgrade, I mean, downlaod it from the Apple's website


2) Install 10.6.7 package on your system, "But", Don't Restart the machine. Once finished the installation, go to Apple's Menu and choose "Force Quit" and select "Installer"


3) Next Install legacy_kernel-10.7.0 and now You cant restart your machine.


4) And Voila!!!, you have 10.6.7 on your machine, NOTE: If your USBs doesn't work then Install 3rr0rists_10.6.5_v2.dmg. In my personal case It was not necessary.


5) Also I put it SleepEnabler.kext and Kextutility for Install that Kext. (Personally I haven't probe this kext)





UPGRADING TO 10.6.8 ¡¡¡NEW!!


1)First Download form Apple's website MacOSXUpdateCombo 10.6.8.dmg

2)Install it


4)Then Install legacy_kernel-10.6.8.pkg

5)Copy the following Kexts included on the "ACPIKextsfor10.6.8" folder

- AppleACPIPlatform.kext

- IOACPIFamily.kext

- IOPCIFamily.kext


6) Run this on Terminal as Root:


sudo -s "type your password"

chmod -R 755 AppleACPIPlatform.kext

chown -R root:wheel AppleACPIPlatform.kext

chmod -R 755 IOACPIPlatform.kext

chown -R root:wheel IOACPIPlatform.kext

chmod -R 755 IOPClFamily.kext

chown -R root:wheel IOPClFamily.kext


7) Repair Permissions on "Disk Utility"


8) If you have problems to boot for first time on 10.6.8 (Like me :)), then

boot with -f -v -x32


9) Then you may run properly, if not, then add this flags on "Kernel flags" on com.apple.boot.plist



10) And Voila!!, you have an OSX86 10.6.8 fully functional System





The Files needed for 10.6.8 its on PCChipsTo1068.zip attached on the post


ultimate news!!!!


I modified the DSDT In order to make a faster boot and a more clean installation, in other word more Retail 90% installation, Only works with 3 kexts on Extra/Extensions.


This package with this three kexts and the new DSDT that allows Full QE/CI, all resolutions, Network without kexts, no IOATAFamily.kext, no FixStillWaiting.kext is that: PCChips-DSDt-v5.0. Attached on that post





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But, In theory If you use a Core 2 Duo Based or the new gamma of Celeron Duo, like E3400- LGA775it may work natively with Lion and vanilla Kernel.

In Fact I saw it in HCL 10.7 on the processors section, and it Says "Works out of the box".

Unfortunately for me on the Mobos that I've assembled has an older Processor.

-- But Also I've heard about its possible to Run Lion with the Old 10.6.8 Kernel. ;)

That was a Great Mobo!!, Unfortunately its no longer sold :(
I assembled several machines with Mac OS X instead of Windows.

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Well guys, Here I am with good news to you!, Now its possible to run OSX Lion 10.7.5.

Its Easy, first of all you need:

- A Macintosh System (If you haven't installed already any version of OSX in your mobo, go with a mac's Friend).
- iAtkos L2
- an 8GB usb thumbdrive
- Chameleon.

1) Once Downloaded iAtkos L2, go to Disk Utility and restore the image on your USB Thumbrive.

2) Once Restored, Try to boot it. If nothing happens, then install Chimera on your USB Installer.

3) Once booted Format your HDD as normal with Mac OS Journaled, the in custom options I choosen:
- VoodooHDA 2.7.3
- SMC 32 Bit
- PCI Configuration Fix (In order to prevent the stuck error: PCI Configuration Begin)
- Boot in 32 bits
- Original Apple Logo
- Chameleon Bootloader.

4) Once installed succesfully, you need to boot your HDD with "-x -v" option.
Simple. Cuz the graphics card its not already installed/recognized then you need to boot minimal

If you see the Intro and hear music, Voila!, you have Lion 10.7.2 on you PCChips P17G.

5) Now you Need to put the DSDt in order to get Working your GMA950 Integrated Graphics. with QE/CI, All Resolutions
NOTE: In this Version, You need to put the the DSDT on /Extra folder instead of the root drive
If you dont do it, simply willn't work.
Now you have a Mac with Video Acceleration :D

6) Finally, you need to make Ethernet working. Lion doesnt have Realtek 8139 Kext integrated, so you need to Google it Realtek8139.kext for Lion, apply it.
And that's it You have Internet on your mac.
(If I have the Possibility to upload the Realtek Installer I'll do it).

In conclusion This mobo can run Lion good, but I recomend to you to run with 2gB Ram or higher.
and a external Graphics card.
I mean the GMA950 works good, but it will work better if you have a Graphics Card.

There are floating on the cloud a 10.7.5 procedure with an Update Script. Nowadays I haven't probe it.


great man... do you think lion will work on our mobo???

Of Course, It can run it!!. :angel_not:
Read the last post here.

Now the $1,000,000 dollars question is: Will it work with Mountain Lion????
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