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  1. Install on PCCHIPS P17G

    i have different boot cd used, and it works... i think its the boot cd used in dell mini...
  2. Dell Inspiron N3010 (core i3)

    no further progress on this laptop??
  3. Install on PCCHIPS P17G

    i strongly agree with you, this mobo really is superb...
  4. Install on PCCHIPS P17G

    great man... do you think lion will work on our mobo???
  5. Dell Inspiron N3010 (core i3)

    how can i be sure i have the same unit as yours??? i have my Inspiron n3010 but only 2gb ram and cpu-z reports my GPU is intel hd integrated.. im totaly confused!!! it comes with windows 7 home 64-bit, but currently running ubuntu...
  6. display problem with 10.6.6i

    try detect display and reselect your refresh rate under system/display properties.. this worked for me....
  7. Boot resolution stuck at 1024x768

    i already did that, sadly it doesn't work...
  8. my native resolution is 1600x900, however at bootscreen (apple logo with spinning wheel) im stuck at 1024x768... i have a retail install snow leopard 10A432... please help...
  9. Dell Inspiron 13R/N3010 (core i3)

    no one has ever installed snow on this notebook???
  10. Install on PCCHIPS P17G

    i was able to install snow leopard succesfully, my problem now is that i dont have internet... im a bit lost with the dsdt, please guide me... thanks in advance...
  11. i have been searching the net for a guide on how to install snow leopard on my dell inspiron 13r (N3010) notebook, is anyone out there had successfully done this??? please help...
  12. Dell Inspiron 13R/N3010 (core i3)

    does any owners out there have tried hackintoshing this notebook??? i would really love to install snow leopard with it... please help me to make this notebook a hackbook... thanks...
  13. Install on PCCHIPS P17G

    how to use DSDT??? total noob here sir...
  14. i just first want to be sure if i can run OSX86 on this machine... your help is greatly appreciated. thank you.
  15. please someone help me... everything is working fine, managed to update to 10.5.8 but my install only works with on-board video which is not functional GMA 3100... i have Palit nVidia GeForce 9400 GT Super 512 mb but when i use this card my installation wont boot, just hangs on apple loading screen... please help me regarding this, i cant manage to redo my installation because i have a lot of files on my hd, and no extra disk to test for.... your help is greatly appreciated... thank you.