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ESI Maya 44 audio/sound driver


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Hey folks, ive got my macOS running quit well here.. network works great, but i've got a problem: i have a pci sound card, from ESI: Maya 44. The only problem is that I install the driver that come along with it, but still my macOS does not recognize it!


here is the link to the driver specs:



im using kalyway 10.5.2 not yet updated.


to get the ethernet working i had to put the vendor and id into a string in a file, repair disk permissions, etc.. should i do the same thing for get sound working? in wich file?


thanks in advance!


Its great to have macOS running!


Here are the screens as it is now.. I've made it recognize the thing but it says it has no audio output controls:


--> see the attached print Screens...




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I have the same problem with MAYA44 PCI AUDIOTRAK (I think it's the same of ESI)

I tried to install ESI driver for OSX but nothing happens.



My configuration


CPU : Intel P4 2,8 GHz HT




OS : iDeneb v1.3 10.5.5

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I have ESI MAYA 44 PCI on my hackintosh, but when i install driver, my system dont accept it. I'm running Leopard 10.5.6 with i don't know what kernel :)


My configuration:

Asus P5K (fully working . sound after patching)

VGA: GeForce 8500 GT with 1 GB GDDR2 - working on DVI only

Ram: 4 GB

CPU: E2200 Intel Dual-core

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I am so problem i am use PCI MAYA44


I am using kalyway 10.5.2 not yet updated. smae u becaue when update Error start up


driver from offical site can't support . I don't know why . i think need some other driver or hack or write scripet new etc .


Any body can help us . thank u verymuch


contact me : nodame_pianoz2@hotmail.com (msn) :D



geforce 7300 gt

cpu intel core2 2.66

audio onboard ac97

lan good work

audio in/out ok with patch

usb good work



ถ้าคนไทยคนไหนมีปันหาเหมือนกันแอดมาได้ครับ.. :wacko:

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i am also having the same card maya44 i downloaded the mac driver from official esi site but it doesn't works after installing it says to restart and then it stucks in between while booting and says to start

message "holding down the power button for plenty of seconds or restart button to restart" it keeps on giving the same message avery time after installing the driver. Then i booted from safe mode and deleted the driver and it's again boot's fine can any one please help for the problem.


MOBO:asus p5e-vm do / intel core 2 quad q6600 / 4 gb ram/ 160 gb samsung sata hdd

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are these the pci or pci express cards?

my maya 1010 pci card suddenely started guiving only output i was trying with envy 24 pci driver but no input and no controls..

but showing all 10 outputs in logic and audio midi settings....

I just dont know the steps how i got it working..

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There is finally an OS X driver for MAYA 44 PCI.

More info here : http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/25145-esi-juli-envy-24-with-osx86-any-progress/page-49?do=findComment&comment=1956868


Update : I can confirm it that it works great indeed! 64 bit on Mavericks, all bit depths, both outputs (one input, but not not tested that..)

Volume control works too. Although first i was able to mute it fully, now just turn it down very low, but not muting. Anyway its not that a big issue..

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