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  1. I am about to buy a Tenda W311U+ wifi usb adapter in good hope that it will work on Yosemite with this driver. It has Ralink RT3070, 148f:3070 chip. Info from here http://elinux.org/RPi_USB_Wi-Fi_Adapters. I did not see anyone mentioning this special adapter here, so i am not 100% sure on its compatibility though.
  2. I have bought instead a Gainward GT630 1Gb card. Kepler GK208 chip. Slow memory. 14 Gb/sec only compared to the 56 Gb/sec of the 9600 GT, but the GPU itself has 3 times as much power. 691 GFlops compared to 208. All problems gone. No crashes anymore.
  3. Edit NVDAStartup.kext/Info.plist Change NVDARequiredOS key to your build number. That's it.
  4. Bandes

    OS X Mavericks 10.9.3 to dev

    Updated to 13D28. Did not check if VGA works again. I am still on DVI. I see no difference in the graphic drivers. UI still freezing like {censored} on this site watching videos : http://ink361.com/app/tag/video with Safari.. OpenGL Channel Exception. No solution. It will never be fixed i guess. Nividia 9600 GT.
  5. Bandes

    OS X Mavericks 10.9.3 to dev

    After you install Mavericks Seed Configuration Utility, you will see the beta updates too in App Store. You can choose then to Install, App Store downloads the packages to Library/Updates, and deletes them after install.
  6. Bandes

    OS X Mavericks 10.9.3 to dev

    I wont hurry now updating after the last time. I could not really find what messed up the video output in 13D17. AppleGraphicsControl, IOGraphicsFamily, all are new versions, but the problem should have been gone when i put back 13D12, but it didn't.
  7. Bandes

    OS X Mavericks 10.9.3 to dev

    I have unpacked the the two last beta packages (13D12 and 13D17), and i am about to crosscheck them, to see what's new in the last one. It could take some time though. Console had a message like "Display-B unusable". Display-A might have been the DVI output, and B the VGA one. Interestingly for me some things work a little better now. When i was trying to change the resolution or refresh rate the screen was going all black until i reverted it. Now it is working as it should, all refresh rates and resolutions load.
  8. Bandes

    OS X Mavericks 10.9.3 to dev

    Yeah, i got lost in the numbers, corrected it. I guess you are not using VGA output then, cause that's what has got broken for me.
  9. Bandes

    OS X Mavericks 10.9.3 to dev

    I rolled back the Nvidia drivers from 13D12. Windowserver still crashing, black screen on boot instead of desktop loading. Then i ran the complete 13D12 update package again, and still black screen. (Cannot run the 10.9.2 update package) Something has gotten seriously f*cked up with 13D17(sorry, not 13D19) update. Display detection maybe. Some file has been overwritten, and it crashes the Windowserver. Update: DVI output still works ok (GUI loads fine, no black screen and no Windowserver crash), VGA output is the one which has got broken. OpenGL Channel Exceptions still present on special cases.
  10. Bandes

    OS X Mavericks 10.9.3 to dev

    I have got black screen as well on 13D17. Windowserver crashes. I have Nvidia 9600GT.
  11. Bandes

    OS X Mavericks 10.9.3 to dev

    If you change the NVDARequiredOS string to the newer beta build number in the NVDAStartup.kext/Info.plist file, the Web driver will load again. It worked for me. I am having problems with this driver though as well as with the original ones. Can't get rid of OpenGL Channel Exceptions on my NVidia 9600 GT. I am trying all the beta updates since 10.9. to see if the graphics crashes finally go away. But it's not looking like that. There must be something else. Maybe i should rollback something. Everything was ok until 10.8.4 i guess. IOGraphicsFamily or some other kext may cause the crashes perhaps. One Note : Changing that string causes the signature of the kext to become invalid, but you still can load it with Kext Utility setting up the Exception List file for that..
  12. Thanks! I am happy now with the orange icons. Stability is most important. I might try sata.dylib, but i would love to see my pata drives as silver then. Now everything is orange, which is kind of consistent looking .
  13. Bandes

    Random Freezes at Mavericks

    I suspect graphics driver problems. Do you see OpenGL error messages in the Console app ?
  14. So, Format the FAT32 partition in GParted. The only problem with that is you need a bootcd or usb drive with that since gparted has no windows version. Hiren's bootcd has got a small Linux recovery enviroment (a live linux) which contatins GParted. Thats what i used. Actually my boot partition has become FAT16. But it doesn't matter. It's just because it is so small in size, and so not needed to be FAT32 or FAT32 LBA. Use Bootice. Here are the steps. This program is pretty easy to use. Just leave the options "Keep signature and partition table untouched" and "Keep BPB untouched" checked as they are originally. Select the correct drive, Choose Process MBR Choose Restore MBR Select boot0hfs file and Restore Back again at the main screen, Choose Process BPR Select the boot partition and Restore PBR Select boot1f32 file and Restore Set Parts Manage - Activate partition if not already set.. You can make backups of the MBR and all of the PBRs of the partitions before you do any changes. So if something bad happens, you can restore them easily. I first thought the ID was wrong for the boot partition (0B) instead of the one which is set on the large FAT32 partition (0C). I tried another windows formatting tool and formatted the small partition with that (and that made it 0C). But it still did not work. I got the boot0:done boot1:error message. After i formatted the boot partition with GParted the bootfiles(installed again after format) worked. I think there might have been some wrong parameters in the Bios Parameter Block (BPB) which confused the boot1f32 loader and made it hang.
  15. ESB2 Patch removed. All drives are orange now. Will test other SATA slots soon other than the currently used 1-2. Meanwhile i was testing graphics even more. Removed the Nvidia injection for my card as well from my DSDT. GraphicsEnabler works without that anyway smoothly. But crashing is still present sadly. No improvement. It must be a driver issue. Still had orphaned files with ICH10 SATA controller set up after the crashes, but no serious damage for a while luckily. It definitely doesn't look worse than it was.