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  1. sachink70

    AMD HD6350 / HD5450

    Dear sir can u please tell me the exact procedure how u enabled 5450 i am having the same gr card but it shows as hd5000 and no qe/qc please help
  2. sachink70

    Post your STUDIO SETUP.

    Motherboard : DG31PR Ram : 4 GB Soundcard : Audio Express (Motu) Itys hybrid soundcard.. but i have to use usb on my mac... I hope you all know why... DAW : Logic pro 9, Protools 9 Keyboard controller : Roland PCR 800 OS : Snow 10.6.3
  3. good news all maya1010 soundcard users... this card seems to work on hakintosh using envy24pci driver I just descoverd that inputs and outputs are working fine eventhough there are no control gui for input actully first 2 inputs are not working hence no mic but remaining line ins are working fine so the input no 3 on "card" is envy out 1 and so on..... just instal envy driver as per your leopard or snow version and remove "applehpet kext" and you are done.. Audiowriter has done tremendous job I am giving him some usd..and i thing all people using maya1010 should contribute...
  4. sachink70

    Anyone run Pro Tools on a Hackintosh?

    I just installed xvx protools hd 78 on my hakintosh dg31pr q9550 quad core 2.8 and seems tobe working fine....it DOES NOT REQUIRE ANY DIGIDESIGN SOUND CARD.. WORKS EVEN ON ONBOARD SOUND CARD
  5. WOWWWw.. great this works really great.. thankyou so much.... I also checked usb in patches...this solved my usb problem ( on first install no usb working). i reinstalled using all usb as said and also markes usb option in patches.. now working great.. Had problem with recognizing wntfs disks... but i uninstalled macfuse and installed tuxerantfs_2010.10.dmg and all working fine.. thanks again i could also instal "SMOKE" FROM Autodesk..it got installed well but could not launch new project as the options were going out of screen..it requires 27 inch monitor with resolution 1900 x something..i have just 17 inch crt monitor..
  6. sachink70

    SL KP on boot Intel DG31PR

    Do you have to change sta mode to manual in bios..thus only 2 ports are working...?????????
  7. sachink70

    Autodesk Smoke on Mac

    I think it requires 10.6.3 not 10.5.3.... right v????
  8. just open vmware fusion 3 or parellal desktop choose new from file then in setting select bootcamp partition thats all
  9. I just installed vmware fusion3 then selected bootcam option for running windows in setting window i chose windows xp as option and it just worked... same virtual machine i used using parellal it worked there too i even able to run xp64 inside vmware fusin just i need to use option windows 64 in setting and while booting i need to choos xp 64 partition But when i try to booy the xp64 partition using parellal desktop 6 it gives me error ntldr missing
  10. sachink70

    ESI Maya 44 audio/sound driver

    my maya 1010 pci card suddenely started guiving only output i was trying with envy 24 pci driver but no input and no controls.. but showing all 10 outputs in logic and audio midi settings.... I just dont know the steps how i got it working..
  11. its not working for me xp x64
  12. sachink70

    working firwire card

    after lots of workaround suddenely my normal via chipset pci firewire card started working.... on my dg31pr board i had to use top pci slot among two first remove applehpet kext then check... if not then first replace following kexts one at a time and check 1. IOPCIFamily.kext 2. AppleFWAudio.kext 3. IOFireWireFamily.kext 3. IOFireWireSerialBusProtocolTransport.kext 4. IOFireWireAVC.kext 5. IOFireWireIP.kext here is the link..http://rapidshare.com/files/345851174/firewire_kext.zip if you cant download just email me at sachink1970@gmail.com i email you the kext also dont forget to repair disk permissions using disk utility WOWW AND ONE MORE THING AFTER INSTALLING THESE MY "MAYA1010 PCI "AUDIO CARD OUTPUT STARTED WORKING WITH ENVY24 .16 DMG AUDIO DRIVER INSTALLATION INPUTS ARE NOT WORKING YET.... BUT I CAN USE LINE IN FROM ONBOARD ( MY BOARD DG31PR)
  13. sachink70

    ESI Juli@ / Envy 24 with OSX86 - Any progress?

    hay audiowriter.. please please....make my maya 1010 audiocard work..... i beg you please.....
  14. sachink70

    ESI Maya 44 audio/sound driver

    oohh..my maya1010 also not working....eventhough it has same envy24 chip....