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snow leopard server new build

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The Mail version in 10.5.4 is 3.4 (928/928.1)

Now tell me why the hell would Apple bump it up in this "new build" to 6.1, and at the same :D time downgrade the build number to 926.1/926.

I guess you used Time Machine, didn't you?


More transparent menus? No way.

New dock? That dock is sheer unprofessional.

What's with the about windows? Here says [whatever year]-2010 and there [whatever year]-2009. Fishy.


Probably you hacked the Leopard Server and posted some customized screenshots hoping to fool us all.



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The mail that came with it did not work i only replaced to binary for 10.6 with 10.5.4 version its messed up and the dock is can be changed it the preferences "Black" "Glass" "2D". i got this form a update on a ftp server "106UpgradeDeveloperBeta.zip" it updated it form Leopard 10.5.4 to 10.6 Server. All apps are 64-Bit


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What the hell?! Classic in Snow Leopard? Wait a minute - I thought Apple shut down Classic last year with Leopard...

Now, if Snow Leopard is going to be Intel-only (which is uncertain because of the Universal nature of the apps), how the hell is Classic supposed to run?

And even if Snow Leopard will support PPC, wouldn't be absurd for Apple to reintroduce OS 9 support?


Moreover, the version running in these screenshots is 2.3. If I recall correctly, Tiger only had a 1.9 version. So this is definitely an updated version of the Classic environment. Am I wrong?


Sherry Haibara


EDIT: I noticed now that the Mac in these screenshots is a Mac Pro, so an Intel-based machine. This confirms by doubts: how is Classic running there?

Or is it some strangely disguised version of Sheepshaver? :wallbash:

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If this is real; something that I personally doubt, seeing the Aplle Confidential tag would make sense given that we have seen Apple imbedding it on several other pre-released apps. The screenshots themselves are consistent in only showing 10.6 (3) when Finder is the focused app.


Although, most everything we see in these screenshots could be easily faked by using a few terminal tweaks and the instance of CandyBar that we see sitting on the dock.


Personally, I would hope that Apple is readying a new build for developer seeding, but I doubt that someone would stumble across it on an FTP server before Apple released anything about it on their ADC program.



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One other "noteworthy" change between these screenshots is the sudden loss of the rounded corner in the menubar with the new desktop background, further enhancing my thoughts that this is fake and done entirely through the terminal tweaks that are regularly posted on TUAW.



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Hmm... seems pretty unusual that this would contain a kernel that was built the opening day of WWDC, but I guess anything is possible.


Apple would obviously be performing some internal testing prior to making any seeds available externally to their ADC members.


Still, I strongly feel that these screenshots that have been provided are not legitimate, given the number of inconsistencies between them, as well as obvious customization utilities being installed. Nearly everything that has been shown could be easily duplicated through a few simple kernel commands. Nothing that we have seen is in any way unique and can be easily duplicated with off-the-shelf


If this is in fact legitimate, than it means that either tyhnc900 has found himself as a former Apple Employee or as a friend of a soon to be former Apple Employee.


I am personally a big fan of getting my hands on information of any kind, however the information shown here is very far from conclusive. All it shows is that someone has a copy of Snow Leopard Server (as seen through the "Open in 32-bit mode" checkboxes") and has some minimal terminal experience.


As well, from what I have been told by my own sources, there is watermarking in place inside of Grab to track down who is responsible for any screenshots which are leaked and posted outside of Apple. While one can easily get around this protection system through swapping with a clean version, there could still be additional protections in place to trace those responsible.



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