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Frozen Screen

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This is my first post. I hope that you can help me. Before posting this topic, I read for serveral hours in the forum trying to see if someone else posted similar problem, but honestly, I did't see any. My problem is that after I successfully installed OSX, I quit the application. It starte to install updates. After few minutes, the screen froze with e black scquare in the center saying that I have to restart the system. I was in 4 or 5 different languages. It did not finished the upgrades, only stops and freeeze the computer. I restarted it and got the same message but this time at the beggining of the restart. I belive that the error message has something to do with the CPU Intel...


Can someone help me...



Dabundo. B)

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Uh sorry but I don't see what's happen really? You try to install OSx86 or you had a normal Mac? What is your config...


Be more clear next time please. And the black square is a Kernel Panic!". And a moderator can move this thread, very bad sections.


I have to say that I am very sorry if this post is in the incorrect place, but now that it is, I hope you don't mind if I go on. I solved the problem by re-installing the OS X. But what was happening was that after complete the installation, I went to Apple site and down loaded an upgrade for the Mac. I then proceed to install the upgrade and right after it started to install the upgrades the system halted and gave a Kernel Panic message. After that I was not able to bring the system up again. Like I said before, I re-installed the system. From there on I am afraid to do any upgrades, because I might have to start all over again. I hope this will clarify the original post. Again, sorry if it is in the wrong place.



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