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iATKOS v4i is released


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hi people,


iATKOS 4i (10.5.4 Leopard osx86 DVD) is at the usual place, green demon, like the old days




- 10.5.4 main system of v4i including modbin 9.4.0 kernel is compatible for darwin x86 non-efi mbr systems by default. Users can select stock packages for efi systems.


- Like the v2i, v4i also includes netkas pc-efi 8, supports GPT (Guid Partition Table) and MBR (Master Boot Record).


- Some system bugs of v2i including some link errors are fixed.


- Improved sata support. I had no chance to test it so you will do it ;)


- Includes speedstep support for compatible cpu's. Speedstepping package includes 9.2.0 speedstep kernel.


- 2.64 GB dvd size.


I am running it for a while, tried many apps without any issues. Sleeps and wakes up well on both lappy and desktop (with right package selections of course), stepping is also nice on my lappy. We'll see the results.


Thanks to Apple and all osx86 developers


osx86.Turk team



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Downloaded and installed with the default options - seems to install fine but how do I boot it?


I've installed Tiger and Leopard before and they've just overwritten the MBR, but it hasn't this time.


I have an Acer 3690 Laptop with one hard disk - Vista on one partition, then Leopard, then Ubuntu with GRUB on the MBR.


When I had Tiger running before I simply added an entry to the menu.lst in Grub to boot OS X... but that was a while ago and I can't remember what I put. Ideally I'd like to have a menu when I boot up so I can boot either OS.


So basically, I've got Leopard installed - how do I boot it?

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