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Macworld august 2008

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There’s some interesting article about mac clones, included benchmarks :P:D

I think it’s interesting see what’s happenning (here’s some page in jpg) I’m trying to upload the full article, but imageshack sucks!!!! :P:D











pabs :)

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It shouldnt have lost a single test to that imac, there must be something wrong with the Speedmark test where it gets confused with non-macs. Theres nothing in an imac that could outperform that machine in any category.


I hate how these places preach about legality while doing it themselves. Do they think they are above the law or are they not actually convinced that its illegal?


And ya, no kidding the Mac Pro is better. It costs like 3 times as much which is why hacks are becoming more and more popular, people dont think slide-in SATA drives and all that other frivolous stuff is worth $2000. If he really wanted all that extra junk he could have gotten one of the uber-expensive Lian Li cases that are very similair to the insides of a Mac Pro. Personally if I had the choice between spending $2000 for slide-in SATA drives or a huge 1080p TV, I'll take the TV.

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