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Dual Graphics Card Advice


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I would like to have 3 monitors working. I have tried 2x ATI 2600 PRO's and 1x 8800 GS w/ 1x 8600 GS. I have been unsuccessful so far. I cannot get the ATI Cards to work w/o Natit. Everytime I modify the ATIRadeonX2000.kext Info.plist, my screen is just a garbled mess. GFX Strings don't seem to work too well either.


So I would like to figure out what cards would be the best for getting 3 screens. Price is not a concern (I don't want to buy a MAC PRO). Getting it to work is.


I have:


Gigabyte - GA-X48-DQ6

Intel Q6600

4GB DDR2 Corsair RAM

SATA 80GB Hard Drive



I have absolutely no problems getting my ATI 2600 PRO to work w/ Natit. In Fact when I load Natit Drivers, It even loads both Cards. Only problem is, the second card shows w/ 256 MB RAM, and the under Display Connectors: It is just blank, does not say no display connected.


If I could get the 2 ATI's to work that would be great.


So I am trying to figure out What would be best.


W/ all my reading, I am thinking NVidia is easier to use w/ GFX Strings and 3-4 Monitors.


I am looking at:

2x 9800 GTX

2x 9800 GX2

2x 280 GTX, I know this is not supported yet, but if there are some devs like netkas and such that needed a tester, I could go this route.


I don't really want to Mix and Match cards, because eventually I would like to Dual Boot Vista, and well Vista sucks.


Everyones feedback is greatly appreciated.




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2x 9800 GTX - Works fine right now. Use graphics strings.

2x 9800 GX2 - May work with graphics strings. Not guaranteed.

2x 280 GTX - Should work fine in snow leopard.


Although you should be able to get your 8600gt with your 8800gs working. Have you been using graphics strings for this?


You would end up making two entries for each card, with the unique address for each.

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