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  1. Dual Graphics Card Advice

    2x 9800 GTX - Works fine right now. Use graphics strings. 2x 9800 GX2 - May work with graphics strings. Not guaranteed. 2x 280 GTX - Should work fine in snow leopard. Although you should be able to get your 8600gt with your 8800gs working. Have you been using graphics strings for this? You would end up making two entries for each card, with the unique address for each.
  2. Whats the bitrate and codec of these mov movies?
  3. TWO graphic card (8800 GT) in ABTI IP35 Pro

    You can't boot OS X with two graphics card's unless you have the graphics strings set up correctly. Take one out, boot OS X, then follow Aqua-Mac's guide: http://aquamac.proboards106.com/index.cgi?...&thread=569
  4. Azamic: Could you please to dump your ioregistry, i would like to have a look at it. If you don't already have ioregistryexplorer, you can get it here: http://www.mediafire.com/?4b2ap1lagzh Just run it and go save a copy as. Thanks for all the support.
  5. Thanks for the suggestion. Tried it, didn't help. Those flags are only necessary for nvidia chipset users.
  6. Dual 9800 GTX 512 Working in OSX86!

    Success on nvidia chipsets but not intel?
  7. Dual 9800 GTX 512 Working in OSX86!

    I think you're right. I did look at the bios version of your rom dump, and my rom dump. They are the same. Azamic's dump is a newer revision. I flashed his, it didn't help atall I'm trying to get this to work on a EVGA gx2 on a DFI-P35-T2R P35 based motherboard. I have another hackintosh i could try it on. The motherboard is a asus P5k-VM, g33 bassed board. Think that's worth a shot?
  8. Thanks a lot my friend! Will try as soon as i can get these off rapidshare, the cat image verification drives me nuts. Having a look at the rom file before i flash it. It seems to be a revision above the one i have on my card. Hopefully this will do it for me Edit: No luck Same problems still exist. I'm running a EVGA card on a DFI-P35-T2R motherboard.
  9. Dual 9800 GTX 512 Working in OSX86!

    It's a bit of a pain in the ass I'm afraid. You have to make yourself a dos bootdisk, then put nvflash on it. Then run these two commands in dos to save the rom to your bootdisk. nvflash -b -i1 98001.rom nvflash -b -i2 98002.rom
  10. Dual 9800 GTX 512 Working in OSX86!

    I'm having no luck... Whatever i do i can't get passed my solid blue or black screen with a stuck cursor. Could someone who's got their GX2 working dump their rom?
  11. This needs to be added to your plist in the right place: <key>VRAM,totalsize</key> <data>AAAAIA==</data> On Diaboliks's site you chose to generate a plist for nvkust and select 512mb ram. I can't get it to work, trying various things. I have a EVGA 9800gx2. The only thing that i can think that's different with your set up that would make a difference is the rom on the card. Maybe you could dump the rom from the GX2 for us.
  12. Did you edit the NVKush plist for 512mb ram?
  13. Thanks for the tutorial! I will report back on my success. Your download link only links to a geforce kext. Also, all 9800gx2's have the device id of 0604. You could just upload your kexts with them modified.
  14. Dual 9800 GTX 512 Working in OSX86!

    Nice! Hopefully i'll be able to get mine working. Could you post a system profiler screenshot?