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  1. Dell Vostro 1500 Mega Thread

    For the record, besides the vostro partition problems, there was an issue with the sata to usb converter (for the external hard drive), which allow leopard to boot but not windows. Hooking it up to the internal sata worked.
  2. Dell Vostro 1500 Mega Thread

    Dual boot with existing images. I purchased a bigger drive to put in my vostro 1500. I was hoping to copy both the windows xp image from the current drive and the osx installation I have on an external usb drive. I seem to run into trouble with the fact that vostro has a bunch of special partitions which need to be copied (lsa-3 problem is one of them) and then I also need the OSX image. I am aware of a bunch of dual boot threads but none seem to address the specific vostro partitions problem. Anyone any luck with this?
  3. Startech USB2105S USB to ethernet adapter

    Did not work for me. 10.5.2. OS recognized the usb device but the network did not.
  4. Dual Graphics Card Advice

    2 8800gts where recognized (with wrong memory) by nvkush. Hope that helps.