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Problem with my iPod Photo

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I'm having a problem with my 4th Gen 30gig iPod Photo. And let me tell you, I'm having the weirdest problems ever.


-Sad iPod

-Folder error

-Goes into disk mode, then freezes

-Charging icon


When it's plugged into my Powerbook, I sometimes get the sad iPod, then about after a minute goes into disk mode. It tells me not to disconnect, then about 10 seconds later. It freezes, while in disk mode.


AND SOMETIMES, when it's plugged into my powerbook, I get the folder, then the monochrome charging icon.


I took it into the iStore today, they said some type of hard drive problem. They said that repairing it would be the equivalent of the cost of a 32gb iPod touch ;)


I will make this iPods soul live longer, please help me.

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