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  1. .ShadowFox

    Hackintosh on HP Envy?

    Hey. I'm contemplating on buying an HP Envy laptop. This one: http://www.shopping.hp.com/webapp/shopping...ENVY173D_series But I do not know if it would work with any OS X86 dist. Anyone know if it would work, from experience or something? thanks
  2. .ShadowFox

    Leopard Slow issue on G4

    No. Vista was a piece, with or without good hardware. Maybe, just maybe, if you carefully pick hardware that was made just so for Vista, you could have a chance. I had a custom built Core 2 Quad Q6600 @ 2.66Ghz with 4GB RAM, 8800GTX, 500GB hard drive. Lags, slow downs, driver fatal stops left and right. Vista was the reason I have a Mac now, anyway As for the original posters problem. It's a matter of having too slow a computer in order for it to run properly. I had a TiBook 800Mhz with a gig of RAM, and Leopard ran... surprisingly well. Sorry to say that it isn't always like that.
  3. Hey. I acquired a dual 867MHz PowerMac G4. I wanted to upgrade the CPU to a dual 1.25 or dual 1Ghz. Would I have to worry about the system bus or FSB being incompatible with the new CPU?
  4. I have a Macbook Pro MC118LL that I bought on February 12, 2010. Speculation then arose saying Apple would release iX series Macbook Pro's shortly next month. I didn't want to return my Macbook Pro because 1) I would have to pay the re-stocking fee, thus not having enough money for the new Macbook Pro's if I wanted to buy one 2) I didn't know if the rumors were true. Well, Apple did in fact release i-series Macbook Pro's. After that, I was a little disappointed that the i-series Macbook Pro's significantly out-perform the C2D macbook pro. Now I wanna know, is it possible to take a 15" i5 Macbook Pro logicboard and put it in my C2D macbook pro case? I've seen photos of both online and they look remarkably similar, but don't know if the form factor is any different. Here's the MC118LL (C2D) logic board: And here's the MC371LL (i5) Logic board: They look pretty much the same. Can they be swapped out?
  5. Since I could not explain this on paper, I made a video on it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GtGw27x6lPc Anyone know how to do this?
  6. .ShadowFox

    In desparate need of help.

    1. IDE due to SATA giving me the infamous "Still wating for root device" SATA works fine on iATKOS though. But used IDE just to be safe 2. As this is HP, I assume they locked down all the high-end settings. If you know where to find it in an HP BIOS, be my guest. 3. KP comes in shortly after the apple screen. Or a little while after install in iATKOS. Tried with -v, but I'll try with -x -v 4. If you can PM me a torrent for snowleopard, go for it.
  7. So I've had an interesting night. Wanted to try installing OS X86 again on my HP Pavilion A6110N desktop PC. Note: It has installed successfully before. First try: Kalyway 10.5.2 Intel/AMD SSE Loaded up to the install screen no problem. Tried formatting my second HDD that I wanted to install OS X86 on(Western Digital 320GB SATA), and it froze on the formatting screen where you type in a drive name. It did this every time I tried booting. Just tried it again tonight and it hangs on "AppleNForceATA: found 0 units" Used to alternate between this and freezing in disk utility in setup. Now it just hangs there without any luck going to the install screen. "-v" on bootup does the same thing Second Try: iATKOS_v7.iso Got to the install screen. Froze again on the making a label for the formatted drive in disk utility. Decided to screw it and leave it as "Untitled" Partway through the install, it Kernel Panics. Now, just as I am trying to install iATKOS, instead of KP'ing, the screen just goes blank. After restarting, apple screen clears and the screen goes blank. Third Try: iPC 10.5.6 Final Used to work. Kernel panics part through install like in iATKOS. Now it just KP's at the apple screen. Here is a rather poor shot of the KP. WHY WHAT WHY?!?!?! This is all an endurance. And is very strange. Anyone wanna help me?
  8. Bought my new Macbook Pro a few weeks ago and love it. This is a replacement driver for any mid 2009 Macbook Pro user who has Windows XP installed under bootcamp with their internal microphone not working and audio significantly decreased I installed Windows XP to play my steam games and noticed that even with the volume level turned all the way up. It is still very quiet. I also noticed that while trying to speak into the microphone, it would not work at all. Even after fiddling with the settings, it simply would not work. Well, I found after looking on Apple Discussions and other sites that other people are having the problem too. And I have found a fix for it. It is in the attachments. PLEASE READ THE READ ME FILE IN THIS ATTACHMENT. IT IS IMPORTANT INSTRUCTIONS ON HOW TO REPLACE THE DRIVER PROPERLY AS THERE IS NO SETUP PROGRAM, THERE IS ONLY THE DRIVER FILES. CirrusAudioXP_Macbook_b.zip
  9. Installed OS X86 10.5.2 JaS on HP Pavilion A6110N desktop PC. Only problem is that my Wireless (Airlink AWLH6070) does not work. I also upgraded my video card to a 9800GX2 1GB card, and that isn't recognized as any model of NVidia card. It only sees 32MB VRAM too. I did not see an option for NVInject 1GB(or something related) in the install, so just selected the original. Would like some help please. Wanna know if there are fixes, patches, or another version of OS X86 Leopard that I can download.
  10. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BBj_cbqOgNc Since it is too hard to explain in text, I have done it through video.
  11. .ShadowFox

    Mac users' opinion on Hackintoshs

    Then why are you on here? Dumbass.
  12. Would have been cooler if you had a mac mini in there.
  13. .ShadowFox

    USB disk not readable

    Hmm. OS X Might think that the HD is corrupted. If another computer recognizes it as readable, you might wanna copy the files to that computer. Then format the disk as FAT32, then re-copy the files. (FAT32 is a file format that OS X and Windows can read and write to, BTW.)
  14. .ShadowFox

    USB Audio

  15. .ShadowFox

    Why is this site slow?

    Then why do you still visit the site? Crackheads are noobs, btw.