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Is a Intel DP35DPM Motherboard good for a Vanilla Kernel?


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I am building a Hackint0sh just because my laptop doesn't cut it (1.5GHz doesn't work very well for Logic Pro 8 :( IT SUCKS)


So I have a computer case, avery nice rocketfish full ATX, a true MacPro case.


I also have a 700W PSU but I think it broke so I'm buying a 800W instead.


Otherwise here are the specs for now I plan, keep in mind they subject to change by me and I will let you all know but I think this is the final:


Motherboard: Intel DP35DPM


CPU: Intel Q6700 2.66GHz


RAM: OCZ DDR2 800MHz PC2 6400 (2x2GB 240-pin)


PSU: 800W Rosewill


Graphics Card: ASUS EN8800GT/G/HTDP/512M


Sound Card: Whatever is intergrated to the motherboard, later I'll get a native Mac M-Audio PCI sound card but I am tight on cash


HD: WD 750GB SATA-300


DVD Drive: Simple IDE DVD Burner Combo drive


Wireless Card: ASUS WL-138g V2 PCI adapter




So are the parts ok? I hope so. Tell me if anything doesn't work. And by the way, what is the difference between the DP35DP and the DP35DPM?


And I also know the LAN intergrated to motherboard doesn't work. Too bad. :(


Well that was a lot said, tell me if everything checks out everyone when you have time. Thank you very much. Now holy :rolleyes: I must get back to DJ'ing my parties. LETS :D ING RAVE!

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bump :(


This a good board overall, but i would recommend the ASUS P5K-E instead. It has a Marvell Yukon 88E8056 PCI-E Gigabit Ethernet controller which is supported by the default AppleYukon2.kext (just add your device id to its Info.plist), ADI 1988B Sound works in 2 channel mode in AppleAzaliaAudio.kext, has 2 firewire 400 ports, lots of USB, and even a PS/2 keyboard port.


Tried both boards (Intel DP35DPM and ASUS P5K-E) and i would go with the P5K-E without hesitation :)




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Thank you zef, I think I'll get that Motherboard instead. I do know that the ASUS motherboard P5K-E is a very good choice in the OSx86 world. It's just that I came across a combo deal that gave me Intel DP35DPM and a Q6700 which I MUST have the Q6700. It is my fav that I want. MY PRECIOUS. lol :( . But yeah, I'm gonna get the P5K-E. Its a really great mobo :blink: .

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I dont know the diff. between the DP and DPM but I have the DP and can say that it does work. I have yet to try other intel boards as I am a recent amd convert. I dont know what those guys are doing anymore..


Anyhow, there are kexts now for audio and Gbit lan for the boards, but you need to disable sleepmode on these boards.


Im jealous of yer quad core, though im happy for now with my E-8400.

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