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  1. I hope this isn't tl;dr for the people that can help me out... any help is appreciated. Well if it helps (And I'm sure the more specific info, the better I get an answer that fits the problem) , it is now stuck on "Waiting for DSMOS" and sometimes "DSMOS has started" etc etc It continues to hang at the USBF USBEHCI UIMInitialize errors. Obviously there is a conflict with the USB Controller. Also, we tried Snow Leopard on his Dell laptop and it wouldn't work so we installed Windows 7, but it said Windows 7 won't install to a GPT style partition table. Since his desktop was setup with a GPT style partition table (or GUID, whatever you wish to call it) then how do we install 7? Is there a way to install Snow Leopard on a MBR style partition? As in: reformat flash drive, still use Chameleon (2.0 RC3) then restore the image of his Snow Leopard install disc, use the patches we installed so far [iOPCIFamily ( http://www.projectosx.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=552 ) and the fakesmc.kext as well] Also, where is DSMOS.kext? In leopard on my patched disc, it was named simply dsmos.kext, however if my flash drive with snow leopard does not have that kext, how does it even start DSMOS (In rare cases, it will start, sometimes it will say "Waiting for DSMOS...")
  2. Just got it to boot up until it hits a USB EHCI error. I assume it is a controller issue since Mac OS X isn't friendly with some nForce motherboards... Anyone have a fix to apply that won't end up f*cking up the USB flash drive?
  3. Hi there, its been a long time since I've posted here. After I got bored of doing Hackintosh related things, I have a friend who is trying to install Snow Leopard on his PC. Alot has changed, and last I remember I was doing MBR type installations with Leopard. Now you can do GUID type and all that fun stuff Let me skip to the main point Motherboard: EVGA nForce 780i Snow Leopard, retail disc. Trying to use "Chameleon" onto a flash drive, we use the restore thingy in disk utility and then I hear that Chameleon 2 doesnt go very well with the motherboard and snow kitty. I downloaded v1.0.11 or smth, and also PC_EFI v10.1 but this is ridiculously hard to get working. Can someone please give me an easy way to get Snow Leopard installed on this damn machine? Seems like things are getting harder now with GUID type stuff. Anyway I setup a GUID partition table on his first 500GB HDD and it is ready to go. All answers are welcome.
  4. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand here we go again! OS battles make me lol ^^
  5. Daft_Punk

    Is 8800GT SLI on Nforce 650i supported ?

    Sorry to say, but Mac OS X doesnt support SLi. I know for a fact you can have 4 ATi 2600XTs and use all of them at the same time, but it doesnt use a Crossfire bridge. Instead Mac OS X will recognize them as one graphics card of major awesomeness. ATi isn't my preference, but it's good for multi-monitor non-gaming uses like Photoshop and video rendering. I don't know if you could use 2 8800GTs without a SLi hardware bridge connection. Maybe, just maybe, it would recognize the 2 8800GTs as one graphics card. Of course, it may only be possible with the real actual NVIDIA GeForce 8800GT for the Mac Pro. Always wanted to try that though.
  6. Daft_Punk

    R.I.P Prawker

    I don't know if I can go back to the normal William Swartzell on these forums... I had such a good cry tonight. Being 17, He must of had his whole life ahead of him... I need to go cry some more...
  7. good to know i helped, and let us always remember Prawker, RIP
  8. Daft_Punk

    R.I.P Prawker

    :( I never got to know him much, but I knew he was a very good person. R.I.P. :'( Let us remember him, every day. Requesting time and date of death, so we may always remember
  9. Well, I personally cannot believe that Psystar is anti-sueing. In other news, I got a USB Floppy drive today! (Only because Windows XP doesn't have SATA drivers built-in and I can't slipstream for {censored})
  10. Epic fail was epic. talk about fail...
  11. I used Kalyway, but since its a vanilla kernel, its the same as using the retail disc i bought and added the addition kexts. Can anyone help here?
  12. Hey all, I wanted to upgrade from 10.5.2 to 10.5.4 a long time ago so I tried it but it ended in disaster. I do have a vanilla kernel, and I use NVinect, and a Taruga kext for audio. The upgrade failed, and so I had to reformat and re-install. This was before 10.5.4 iDeneb came out, btw. So can I use the 10.5.4 disc to upgrade? If not, how the hell do I upgrade through Apple Software Update? I would really appreciate any comments, any tutorials I could be linked to (as I have not found any my self for upgrading to 10.5.2 to 10.5.4). Also, how hard is it to make a EFI string for my 8600M GS? NVinject is being a pain in the ass, I posted something a while back asking how to enable a external monitor, but no one responded. Maybe I'm doing something wrong? So does anyone know the NVCAP value for the 256MB 8600M GS? I would really like it, I used the 256MB for the 8800GT/GTX/Ultra by accident, so thats what the issue was. At least it didn't screw up anything.
  13. Daft_Punk

    HP Media Remote Working With Front Row

    O. M. F. G. Thank you SO much. I made a post earlier asking if ANYONE had a solution. Tried a few apps, but they didn't work. I am SO glad you found a solution. This is just plain {censored} awesome news for HP dvXXXX users (I have a dv9540us ) I really can't say how much I feel great about this, so I will award a picture to you. After all, they say a picture is worth a thousand words! and hell, y not another one?
  14. I don't think u can put the 10.4 kernel in that DVD because leo has dependencies on certain processes/services on the 9.2.X kernel Looks like you may have to buy another disk