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  1. 9500GT 512 MB Question

    Okay, sounds easy enough for me. Is the zip file on the iDeneb dvd? And I do apologize for this next q:, when you say foul-x, I type that before boot I assume.. Just double checking, thanks.
  2. 9500GT 512 MB Question

    Hey gang. For some silly reason I bought a 9500GT 512MB card. PNY model, thinking I could get it to work with somew kext's lying around. Heres my issue. I can install 10.5.5 iDeneb, however, upon boot, it will hang on the mac screen. I dont install any nvidia drivers as per instructions. before changing the card, since I like it for Half Life 2, what could I do to at least get to leopard, to then start the mods? Thanks all.
  3. SX 1 2 or 3 dont run well on real intel macs at all really. Only Nuendo 4 or Cubase 4 will run on intel macs and therefore hack's. I switched to M-powered pro tools and logic pro 8 and havent looked back.
  4. I dont know the diff. between the DP and DPM but I have the DP and can say that it does work. I have yet to try other intel boards as I am a recent amd convert. I dont know what those guys are doing anymore.. Anyhow, there are kexts now for audio and Gbit lan for the boards, but you need to disable sleepmode on these boards. Im jealous of yer quad core, though im happy for now with my E-8400.
  5. My only concern will be drivers. How long it could take and reliability. But mostly from 3rd parties, digidesign, apogee, rme and others.
  6. Installing Logic Studio

    The enhanced gui features need to be enabled for Logic to install. The Qe or CE or whatever its called. I forget atm. After that you can install and choose to install the library and included logic sounds. Uncheck just about everything though if you only have the logic 8 dvd and none of the apple loops dvd's. The entire thing is 53 gigs. I use Logic 8, legit along with PTLE 7.4.2 Legit and on a hackintosh, everything works great. My digi002 console is a happy camper. Next up is my reason 4 and fantom/motif refills.
  7. Good thread. I have the DP35DP and am going to try this as well. I am going to change it up just a little though. I'm going to start with iDeneb 10.5.5 and go from there. I believe it should still work as everything except lan and audio works off-bat with 10.5.5.
  8. Intel DP35DP success

    Okay heres my setup. I was going with the MSI p45 neo, but the board I bought was dead and decied on the older P35 chipset. The intel board was 99 bucks so hey...good deal. I am using a ati x550 right now, but will switch to my 7300gt for dual display. Plus this should allow me to intall logic. For a good firewire soundcard that ideneb sees and works wonders with: Focusrite Saffire LE, the black model....clean, low latency and no distortion or artifacts. Cpu is an E8400 for now with stock clocking. 8 gigs of ddr2 corsair and osx sees all ram, and both cores. I didnt do any kext work or anything yet, but all I need is dual display. networking can be done with other computers I have. the onboard lan is not shown nor is the audio, but again I didnt load any kexts or select any aftermarket drivers. just vanilla. works a treat and will let you all know how logic responds asap.
  9. MSI P45 NEO

    I also have the MSI P45 NEO. I was thinking of running iDeneb or atkaos versions.
  10. MSI P45 Build

    Hey all Im going to build a hackintosh with this motherboard: MSI P45 NEO P45 w/ ICH10 chipset ALC888 AUDIO Reatec 8111C LAN No onboard: Sil Raid, firewire, video, wireless : these I will owrry about later. Drives: 2) Samsung Sata Dual layer lightscribe burners 3) Sata Hard drives from 250 to 320 gig sizes. Video I will use: Either a X550 ATI or an Nvidia 7300GT..only for now. Ill get a better card IF I can get the mac side to work. NOW, Heres what I can test with the setup and let people know. 1) Logic 8 Pro. I have a real version, since its worth it. 2) Final Cut Pro Again I have alegit version. 3) Pro Tools LE 7 with Digi 002 board and rack units My Ideal is to get a hackintosh to actually be useful for production purposes. I also have a legit Leopard dvd. I may need guidance and help on the osx86 install for this board and a cpu recommendation. Lastly, Ill need to find working esata and 1394 cards for the board and osx. pci or pci-e.
  11. GA EP45-DS3

    will either the ds3r or ds3l work? Im looking at a 40 to 50 dollar price difference. thanks.
  12. Hey all. Im geting a constant reboot with Ideneb on an Asus M2N32-Sli with either a 5000+ or a phenom 9500 video cards I have to test are a 7300GT or an ati X550 I can also test with 4 or 8 gigs ddr2 800. everything is sata. I havent found a method for the asus board but I did get it kinda running once with 10.4.8 can anybody tell me what I should try first and off the ideneb dvd to check or uncheck? Also what bios settings? I have the latest bios for the M2N32 thank you all kindly.
  13. Endless Reboot Loop with iDeneb

    I dodnt even get the apple screen with my iDeneb. It just reboots upon darwin. An I really have no idea what to do at this point. System: Asus M2N32-Sli 5000+ 4 gigs ddr ati video card x550...is this compatible or should I chnge it. I can try another system wich is similar except for: Phenom 9500 7300GT nvidia 8 gigs ddr2
  14. Intel D945GTPL, no network, please help

    How did you get the audio to work? I have the same board and I have the ethernet and sata working but no audio...wierd..
  15. Heres a puzzler Everything else seems to work. SATA, PCI-E, LAN, etc..but the onboard audio is a no-go. Ill reinstall and see what I get... But heres my Q..if my mobo /mac install doesnt see the onboard audio...will it NOT see any external usb or firewire as well...????? I have a MBox2 to test right now..MAC sees it just fine, but doesnt know its an audio device... puzzled puzzled puzzled