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  1. I created a Lion installer iso image from a working system using the BaseSystem.dmg + Packages folder method, then added a recent Chameleon cdboot + Preboot.dmg with Disabler and FakeSMC kexts + npci=0x2000 flags. The next step was creating an Other-64 workstation 8 vm with LSI controller. Removed the floppy, added an USB controller, moved the CD drive to SCSI 0:1. Then changed the vmx with these two entries: guestOS = "darwin10-64" sound.virtualDev = "hdaudio" Now you can power up and install your system, after it finishes boot it and add FakeSMC.kext to SLE + add npci=0x2000 kernel flags to LPS/com.apple.Boot.plist + install vmware tools extracted from Fusion 4.0.1. Power down the VM. The final step is changing the firmware to EFI in the vmx: firmware = "efi" Enjoy For installation I used a minimal Chameleon, but later moved to EFI firmware so the vm can boot itself without any helper images. Update: guestOS = "darwin11-64" or "darwin11" works too
  2. Hey guys! Just installed Workstation 8.0 yesterday and the old VMs are still working pretty well (10.6.8 and 10.7.1). I never used any unlockers. The great news, that i got working sound under 10.7.1 using stock AppleHDA.kext + added sound.virtualDev = "hdaudio" entry in .vmx. The same trick didn't work for 10.6.8. Bye, zef
  3. zef

    fermi/gtx 480/gtx 470

    I think the sluggish GUI is because of the enabled "Overscan" option under Display Prefs (Gigabyte GTX 460, 1920x1080 60fps). If i uncheck, the GUI/Dashboard gets liquid fast. I get the same slugginess/liquidness if I replace the 460 with a simple 9400GT. @cmf: Thanks for the patch, just committed into the trunk as r651
  4. Hey JaS dude! I'm fine thanks! As you see things got boosted in the past days thanks to Mozo, rek, meklort and thanks to the testers for the useful reports. Regarding your ATI issue i can't say any useful. Maybe we should ask an ATI expert about it. Netkas: do you read?
  5. Thanks! At least this is a good start I just switched the SATA controller to RAID mode, added some debug output for rawDiskRead() and Biosread() and it fails reading from device 0x80 (the current boot drive). Let's see what happens with the older rev on assembla. Update: It really works Thanks for the nice finding! Checking what's the difference between the two. Update clap #2: The modified memory layout causes this issue. Fixing! Update #3: @Zandig: How about trying this one? http://forge.voodooprojects.org/p/chameleo...rce/commit/266/ It fixed the raid mode ebios read errors. My bad, I thought BIOS_ADDR is a segment (don't ask me why ).
  6. Zandig, I have the same mobo and i don't have such issues. Will run a test in RAID mode (have only single sata disks). Bye, zef
  7. Hey rek! Very nice, the speed is reported as 1066MHz again, thanks The serial gets better, let me post Everest's SPD results (it can't report the speed correctly ): Update: I think the serial number needs an endian conversion or maybe Everest needs that? How can we get a proof who's doing this correctly? Sysprofiler's 431BCCB5 should be Everest's B5CC1B43 for DIMM0. Sysprofiler's 789BCCA4 should be Everest's A4CC9B78 for DIMM1. Very nice progress rek and Mozo Many thanks!
  8. Hi Trauma! Sure, RC5 is coming soon We need more testers/feedbacks. Bye, zef
  9. Hi rek! Thanks, the detection works pretty fast now! Only one downside: I got 800MHz displayed again for my 1066MHz Kingston modules. r204 detects the correct 1066MHz frequency (removed the empty BANK1/3 results):
  10. Thanks mozo, just synced your changes back to trunk: http://forge.voodooprojects.org/p/chameleo...rce/commit/199/