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Leopress WordPress Theme (modded)

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OK so while I was looking for a Leopard styled WordPress theme for my site (other than the iLeopard theme I modded earlier :P), I came across the Leopress WordPress theme. So I downloaded it, installed it, and it looked nice on a Mac, but on Windows and Linux computers it looked utterly terrible. So I modded the font a bit to make it look decent on all platforms. Also, there was a big black block in the footer which was there for no apparent reason, so that was removed too. I also enabled full content posts with images for the main index (usually its just an excerpt). Now the theme has reached pristine perfection so I share it with everyone now. You can see a screenshot of it above.


The modified leopress.zip is attached. Just unzip it and upload the leopress folder to /wp-content/themes/. Then log into the WordPress admin panel and enable the theme. The theme requires WordPress 2.3, but it works with all higher versions including WordPress 2.5.1. Another thing, I put Adsense code markers in the PHP files for easy placement of AdSense code. Note that AdSense doesn't seem to work too well with this theme, looks a bit funky. But anyways, in index.php, page.php, and single.php you will find 2 sets of Adsense code markers to place your header and footer Adsense code. The markers are labeled like "<!--start adsense code-->" and "<!--end adsense code-->" Also, pretty much all the content goes to the ORIGINAL author of the theme, I just did a few minor mods and fixes on it to make it look nicer :P Hope you all like it!


The bold title is a bit much and not to be rude, but I'm personally tired of all these look-alikes. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to "grab" Apple's original work and spin it into a theme. I'd love to see you emulate the Leopard look and feel without using a single image or gradient from OS X. I've yet to see someone pull off a good theme without copyright infringement on some level.


Keep it up! Let's see a Leopard theme without using Apple's original images.

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thank you very much for the modding. I am quite new to wordpress and have no knowledge on php. But comparing with your index.php file helped me a lot. Finally I have the main page with all images and full texts.


I didn't do most of it actually. Like I said in the post, all I did was mod it to look a bit nicer and fix some problems with the theme. Nothing much.
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