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Multiple Wireless Networks

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Ok people I am embarking on a few projects this year, some have already included the osXproject, which now leads me to the osXbox360 project but before i get there, i would like to start one more that can come in very handy.

I would like to write a script that will scan for wireless networks, connect to all unseure (we will work on the sercued ones later) networks, and then bridge them on the host machine, mabe brodacast its own network with Internet sharing turned on (but thats another avenue). So did you get all that?

Hypotheticly lets say there are 5 wireless unsecured networks with in reach. This script would find them and connect to all 5 of them, then bridge them all so if you were lookin at a webpage, it would be streaming it from 5 diff networks to you. Kinda of like the way a torrent downloads. ISH...anyway.

Would this even be possiable, is the airport (or thirdparty wireless device) even capale of connecting to more than one network at the same time? I know i can connect to an eithernet network and a completly diffirent wireless network and bridge THOSE together for a faster download (already do it), But is the wireless device able to connect? It scans and sees and displays more than one at a time, what says it cant connect to them at the same time as well? Channels?

So..ANY input would be great.

(we can talk more about the osXbox360 project later! lol)

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